Solar 101: Your Guide to Solar

Everything you need to understand solar power. What system is right for you? How do Virtual Power Plants work? And how can you make the most of your solar power?

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Electricity prices are soaring: What do we do?

AUSTRALIA’S ENERGY CRISIS – It’s plastered across the news at the moment, leaving many of us nervously awaiting our next electricity bill. So what’s causing the spike in electricity prices, and can we avoid it somehow?

Are solar batteries worth it? Here’s what you should know

Has an online blog or salesperson advised you that solar batteries ‘can’t make economic sense’? These people often have their own interests at heart, so before you settle for their overpriced solar panel system – read on.

Powow PPA: NSW Case Study

Install solar panels and a battery with our Powow PPA with a full system warranty and performance guarantee.

How to profit from falling solar feed in credits

How to protect your solar system from government shut-offs and get paid to stabilise the grid. Prepare for the future of home solar power.

What Kind of Solar System Is Best For Your Family?

There are many different kinds of solar families. Whether you’re looking to save the world or boost your budget – what kind of solar system can make your dream a reality?

Are solar batteries environmentally friendly?

We investigated the carbon production costs of solar batteries to see if installing a battery is good for the environment.

Design Your Own Solar Solution Online

Custom design a solar solution for your home in a matter of seconds. And get an accurate estimated quote... all from your phone or computer!

ShineHub is Now the Official Energy Partner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs!

ShineHub is partnering with the South Sydney Rabbitohs to help the community and raise the profile of renewable energy

ShineHub Named a Top AlphaESS Retailer

ShineHub has recently been recognised as one of the top AlphaESS retailers. Learn why we love AlphaESS batteries

What Size Solar System Should I Install? Grid Limits & You

Grid providers limit the size of systems that can be approved. Learn what those limits mean for you

Compare Energy Plans: Find the Best Deal on the Market!

Whether you’re looking for the highest feed-in tariff or the lowest power rates, our Energy Compare tool lets you switch in 30 seconds

VPP vs Natural Gas: The Fight Continues!

We’re making progress in our fight against natural gas. Our Virtual Power Plant is growing and events are occurring more frequently

Your Life, Powered by Sunshine – ShineHub EV Charging Plan

The future is electric. Charge your electric vehicle and power your home our EV Charging Plan including a massive 13kW panel + 20kWh battery solar system!

AlphaESS Named a Top Brand by Germany’s EUPD Research

AlphaESS batteries have been recognised as a Top Brand in their field by independent German assessor EUPD Research

Do Solar Panels Work During Blackout Events?

You might've heard that solar can keep the lights on during blackouts. So, do solar panels work during blackout conditions?

Solar Energy vs Natural Gas – The Fight for Australia’s Future

The battle lines have been drawn for Australia’s biggest energy fight: solar energy vs natural gas. Who will win?

SA Government Shuts Off Solar Panels in National First

The SA government has just temporarily switched off residential solar panels for the first time

Solar Feed In Tariff Victoria: Solar Credits Slashed by a Third

The Solar Feed-In Tariff is dropping again! Learn how a VPP and solar battery can earn you passive income

Solar Feed-In Tariff Set to Drop in NSW

According to regulators, the solar feed-in tariff in NSW is set to drop again soon. Protect yourself from dropping tariffs with a solar battery

Why Your Commercial PPA is Incomplete without a VPP

Without a VPP, your Commercial PPA will only be a fraction of what it could be. Join a Virtual Power Plant and maximise your value

Commercial Solar Batteries: Common Traps

Commercial Solar Batteries can open up new streams of revenue and help you offset your business' energy costs

Why Your Business Needs a Solar Battery & Virtual Power Plan

The benefits of Solar Batteries and Virtual Power Plants are a natural fit for commercial applications. Don’t miss out on new revenue streams and extra profits!

ShineHub Community VPP: Who’s in Control?

Joining a Virtual Power Plant doesn’t mean giving up control. With the ShineHub Community VPP, you choose who you sell power to and you always make money

Is Solar Affordable? Solar Power Isn’t Just for Rich People

Solar power is for everyone, not just the wealthy. ShineHub’s vision of community solar makes solar power accessible and affordable to all Australians