Solar panels for
a better life.

Having affordable, reliable renewable energy at home starts with solar panels that will make heaps of energy for you over the long haul.

The panels we have on offer are vetted for quality and price so you get great performance without breaking the bank.

Talesun solar panels

Talesun solar panels offer both ploycrystalline and monocrystalline modules, with PERC technology, bifacial modules (2 faces) and halfcell solar panels (halfcut). Talesun has world class production capacity, 25 year performance warranty, and a number of cyclonic certifications.

What we look for in a solar panel

Half-cut cell technology

When one half of the panel is shaded, the other half of the panel can still perform. This enables more energy output in shaded conditions.

Top performance

Independently tested by third  company VDE as a Top Performer in the DNVGL tests.

Monocrystalline tech

Monocrystalline panels have the highest efficiency ratings and the highest power capacity ratings.

Tier 1 Financial Rating

Top financial rating by Bloomberg means you are in safe hands if you ever need to claim a warranty.

Technical specs


120 Half-cell 360 - 370W 9BB Half-cut Mono Perc


25 Years

Maximum Power


Quality Control

DNVGL approved

Weather Resistance

Water, wind, humidity, dust - high wear resistant





All ShineHub solar products are approved by the Clean Energy Council to meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar systems.

How do solar panels work?


Sunlight hits the solar panels and generates electricity.


The inverter controls where the power goes – into the home, or into a battery.


Panel power runs your home during the day


Battery power runs your home at night or during a blackout.^


Panel only systems save you money during the day and save up to 50% off your bills. Adding a battery increases those savings to up to 90% by adding a battery for night time power.

Free Solar Aftercare

All ShineHub systems come with free Solar Aftercare. This means access to our online portal and system analytics through our solar energy monitoring app, and ongoing support from our team when you want it.

Carbon footprint

Going solar is one of the largest single actions you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. The other is getting an electric vehicle… which can also run from your solar power!

ShineHub Solar Aftercare

ShineHub provides ongoing customer service, access to our online portal and system analytics through our solar energy monitoring app free with every order.

This helps you understand how your system is working, how to get the most savings, and makes it easy to resolve any issues that may come up over time.

Keep learning and make the most informed decision.

Want to use your solar after dark?

Ready to explore your panel options?

*Savings vary according to individual circumstances. Terms and Conditions apply.
^For certain circuits of the home only. Terms and conditions apply.