Maximise your savings with a battery.*

Solar panels save you money during the day. By adding a battery, you save money at night and can earn extra income every month by joining a virtual power plant.

All the batteries we offer are vetted for long warranties, top performance, and compatibility with our Virtual Power Plant.

Alpha ESS Battery

AlphaESS is one of the leading energy storage solution and service providers in the globe, specialising in the residential and commercial market.  Alpha has 60,000+ systems actively running in over 60 countries worldwide. They have also earned the Top Battery Brand award by German based EUPD Research.

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry gives and a longer lifespan due to it’s high chemical and thermal stability.

Strong 10 year warranty

Unlike many lesser batteries on the market, Alpha ESS batteries are warrantied to have at least 80% of their original capacity in 10 years.

Modular design

Alpha batteries look good on the wall and allow for easy expansion down the track. It’s easy to add more batteries as you go!

Award winning

Alpha ESS was named a Top Battery Brand by German based EUPD research. Learn more in our blog post here.

The breakdown


Multiple models available


10 Years

Rated cycles



Top Battery Brand - EUPD

Battery sizes

10 kWh, 13 kWh, 20kWh​+




610 x 238 x 720 mm

All ShineHub solar products are approved by the Clean Energy Council to meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar systems.

Why add a battery?*

As solar feed in tariffs fall, batteries become more and more important to cover your power needs day and night. Add in the ability to earn extra profit by joining a virtual power plant and having power during a blackout and it’s easy to see how a battery completes your solar system now and into the future.

Panels only

Panels + battery

Save on power during the day

Save on power in the evening

Earn extra income from the VPP

Power your home during a blackout

Cover up to 90% or more on your power bill

Connect it all
together with the
Virtual Power Plant*

ShineHub’s virtual power plant (VPP) is a technology that connects you with your community and the grid, and allows you to sell your power back to the grid at a premium rate and earn passive income.

ShineHub Solar Aftercare

ShineHus offers an Australian first with free Solar Aftercare. This means ongoing customer service, access to our online portal and system analytics through our solar energy monitoring app Powow.

Solar Aftercare also means access to the ShineHub VPP which means selling your power back to the grid at a premium rate.*

Keep learning and make the most informed decision.

What should I look for in a panel?

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*Assumes Virtual Power Plant participation. ShineHub VPP terms and conditions apply. Savings vary according to individual circumstances. Terms and Conditions apply. Blackout Protection is for certain circuits of the home only.