The electrification of everything, can you afford to ignore it?

The all electric home is here, and here to stay. Read about how the Electrification of Everything trend will affect us all, and the role that solar will play.

Preparing for an all electric future

Embrace the future with solar: the electrification of everything

In a rapidly changing world, one of the most profound shifts we’re witnessing is the ‘Electrification of Everything‘, a concept popularized by energy expert and thought leader Saul Griffith.

Solar panels, battery, and Virtual Power Plant: the power trio

The transition to an electrified world will undoubtedly increase our electricity usage. But that doesn’t mean our electricity bills need to skyrocket*. This is where the combination of solar panels, a battery, and a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) comes into play.

By harnessing the power of the sun with solar panels, storing that power in a battery for use when the sun has set, and connecting to a VPP^ to sell excess power back to the grid for a profit, you can actually benefit from increased electricity use without paying through the nose for expensive and fossil fuel derived grid energy. 

This not only gives you greater control over your energy consumption and electricity bills but also makes you a proactive participant in the global shift towards a clean, renewable energy future.

In addition harnessing renewable energy sources is paramount to ensure increased electricity demand does not have harmful impacts. 

Leaving gas in the system for example causes things to be more expensive, dirtier, and dangerous to both health and the environment primarily because of the process by which natural gas is mined, called fracking. To avoid this, and keep costs down for everyone, Saul Griffith proposed to electrify everything starting with shifting your appliances and car to electricity rather than gas. 

But hang on a minute! Won’t that cause your power bill to skyrocket if you are using all grid power?  That’s where renewable energy sources like solar power come in. With solar you can cover your power needs, save money by using minimal grid energy, and earn a passive income from participating in a Virtual Power Plant like the ShineHub VPP.

You cannot avoid getting swept up in electrification

From a consumer perspective – electrification is happening whether you like it or not. There is a global push to reduce, and finally eliminate all fossil fuel energy generation. This means that everyone ultimately has to transition to a complete electric lifestyle. So setting yourself up to save on your energy costs in the present, with solar generated electricity, will help future-proof your home. With solar power installed in your home you become a power player in your own right, while also protecting yourself from future grid energy price increases and sustained bill shock. 

Health and the environmental

There are also health benefits to moving to an all electric lifestyle where we use 100% renewable energy derived from clean energy sources like solar, hydro and wind. We all know that mining and burning coal is bad for our health and the environment – with health conditions from pollutants as wide as bronchitis to lung cancer. 

Natural gas is often touted as the best alternative, especially by the big gas and energy companies who want to protect their future profits.  But natural gas produces methane which leaks as the gas is transported to its end destination. And methane is many times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere and contributing more to the greenhouse effect, which has both environmental and health impacts. 

Moreover, burning natural gas for heating and cooking at home also creates pollutants that can cause respiratory problems, especially in people with Asthma.

Electric vehicles

The other key part of the electrification movement is the switch to electric vehicles. With the right electricity set up in your home you can benefit from reduced cost of EV ownership as you don’t have to spend money at the bowser anymore, or spend lots of money on expensive grid energy to power up your daily commute,  you just use your own energy from your solar panels and/or solar battery to charge your car for free!

Your role in the electrification revolution

This transition might seem like a macro-level phenomenon happening at an industry or government level, but consumers have a pivotal role to play in the transition. The decisions you make about how you source and use energy directly impact our collective ability to accelerate the transition to an electric future where everyone can benefit from renewable power.

Why solar?

As energy prices continue to rise, solar power is one of the most effective tools for battling grid energy price increases. With solar battery payback now at its best ever – as low as three years in some states – there’s never been a better time to consider going solar.

With an expertly designed solar and battery system connected to a VPP you could save up to 90% off your energy bills* and secure affordable day and night time energy to power your all-electric home. 

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The ‘Electrification of Everything’ isn’t a distant dream; it’s a reality that’s unfolding around us as we speak. By choosing to embrace solar energy, battery storage, and VPPs, you’re securing your own energy future and increased power bill savings, plus helping to protect our collective future by helping to protect our environment and the communities where we live and work.

To learn more about how solar energy can benefit you, check out our blogs on the current state of the market and why power prices keep rising, reducing battery payback periods, and how our AlphaESS battery offering compares to other solar batteries on the market.

Are you ready to take control of your energy consumption and set yourself up for an all electric future? 

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* Savings vary according to individual circumstances.  Terms and Conditions apply.

^Must sign up to the ShineHub VPP. Shinehub VPP terms and conditions apply.

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