Power your business with solar and batteries.

Unlock new revenue for your business and generate an additional extra income stream with ShineHub Commercial solar, battery, and virtual power plant solutions.

3 ways to save^

Solar panels save money during the day, batteries save money at night, and the ShineHub virtual power plant earns you extra money from your battery.

Money back guarantee*

The Powow PPA includes a complete panel, battery, and VPP system setup for $0 upfront with a fixed cost of power, all upkeep included, and a 100% money back guarantee.

Good branding

Powering your business with renewable energy helps motivate employees and inspire customers and partners alike.

How we compare*

ShineHub’s commercial solar solutions are unique because we incorporate solar panels, battery storage, and virtual power plant benefits in one all-inclusive package to get you maximum bottom line savings.

Powow PPA

Simple, affordable, $0 upfront

Panel only PPAs

Less savings potential

Custom energy solutions for every industry

ShineHub Commercial specialises in complex, large-scale renewable projects. Our success is built on extensive industry experience and a deep technical understanding of renewable energy technologies.

Our dedicated team undertakes all solution architecture, electrical design, and engineering in-house – so we’re in control of your project from conception through to commissioning and handover.

Property developers

Solar and batteries are a golden opportunity for property developers – differentiate and promote your project with the latest renewable technologies, while giving residents access to low-cost sustainable power. Improve the environmental rating of your development with energy solutions for common area loads to reduce shared energy costs for residents.

Community energy projects

Community energy projects allow multiple participants to share the benefits of a single large-scale solar and storage project while reducing individual costs. Whether you’re generating power for commercial or residential premises, community projects are an effective way to do it.

^Assumes Virtual Power Plant participation. ShineHub VPP terms and conditions apply. Savings vary according to individual circumstances. 
*Powow PPA approved customers only.  Powow PPA Terms and conditions apply.