Revolutionizing the Solar Landscape

Discover a revolutionised solar buying & ownership experience that empowers you to unlock savings on your energy bill you never thought possible.

Revolutionising the solar buying & ownership experience

When you decide to take the step to get a solar system for your home, you’re no doubt excited about the potential savings* you’ll have. We love seeing our customers reaping the benefits – nothing makes us happier than hearing their success stories about saving money on their electricity bills and keeping spiralling grid energy costs at bay. 

However,  navigating through the solar industry and choosing the best company for your solar and battery system can seem daunting. How do you know you are partnering with a solar company that cares as much about your success as you do?

In this blog we take an in-depth look into how ShineHub stands out amidst a sea of solar competitors.  While most solar companies earn all their money at installation, we earn money from our VPP over time which means it’s imperative to keep your system running, and continue to provide good service for the life of the system, dealing quickly and efficiently if there are any issues down the track.

Our key differentiator is the Virtual Power Plant**

Our Virtual Power Plant isn’t just an innovative way to evolve the Australian energy landscape; it’s a testament to our commitment to keep every ShineHub solar system installed in the homes of our customers operating at peak capacity. 

If your solar system fails so do we: An operational battery fleet operating at peak capacity is crucial for our VPP to operate efficiently. If our customers’ systems face issues, our VPP is at stake. This interconnected relationship means we keep laser focused on maintaining and optimizing your solar system now and in the future. 

Raising the bar on installations beyond CEC accreditation: While being CEC accredited is standard for panel system installations, for us, it’s just the starting point. Unfortunately there is no standard governing the installation of solar batteries, which is why we place extra emphasis on all our battery installations surpassing industry norms.  Our comprehensive QA process, along with system monitoring installed at every site means our teams, and you, are able to see how it’s performing at any time, and quickly deal with any issues as they occur. With the crucial role that your battery plays in our VPP ecosystem keeping your battery operational is key to our success. 

In it for the long haul: With over 6 years of leading the solar charge in Australia, we’ve consistently been at the helm of innovation. We have over 4,500+ operational systems in the market spanning NSW, VIC, SA and QLD. 

Bespoke System Design: Armed with cutting-edge software and extensive experience from thousands of installations, our team meticulously crafts a system tailored just for you, optimised to save you money. It is imperative that our systems are top performing to ensure our VPP has ample battery power to draw on when the grid needs it. 

The future: Our consultative process doesn’t just look at the here and now, after all, a well designed solar panel and battery system should be built to last long into the future. That’s why we address your future needs such as preparing to shift your whole home to be powered by electricity, getting  an EV, or factoring for a growing family for example.

Unwavering commitment to quality products that work with out VPP

A solar setup is only as good as the components used – the panels, the battery, the inverter, the Virtual Power Plant set up (that is if this is even offered!).

Great quality products designed for Australian conditions: We proudly offer AlphaESS batteries. With a footprint in over 60 countries and the prestigious title of Australia’s top-installed battery in 2022, this global powerhouse offers both reliability, performance, out-of-the-box VPP compatibility and affordability in one powerful package. Read more about Alpha batteries here.

Assured longevity and performance: AlphaESS batteries come with a robust 10-year warranty, promising that even a decade later, the battery will retain at least 80% of its original capacity (for some competitor offerings this can be as low as 60%). In addition the performance of the battery, and its warranty is not affected by Virtual Power Plant participation.  

Beyond installation: a lasting relationship: For ShineHub, the solar journey doesn’t end when we have installed your system. An expertly designed long lasting system that delivers year after year is critical to both our continued VPP operations and your solar savings, and is directly tied to the success and growth of our business in the future.  

Solar Aftercare Program: This program offers customers free access to an online portal where you can manage your installation and  access sales and installation documentation, real-time energy monitoring via the Powow smartphone app, and prompt customer support. Whether it’s understanding system performance, VPP events, payments, or troubleshooting issues, we’re always a click away. 

Read more about our solar aftercare program here

The Powow App: This state-of-the-art smartphone app is the first in the solar industry that lets you request customer support directly from the app. Our team is standing by to help make your solar experience the best it can be.  

Our customers say it best: While we take pride in our offerings, we believe our satisfied customers narrate our story best. Their testimonials, available on our YouTube channel, offer firsthand accounts of the ShineHub experience. We invite you to watch their stories and see how they are uncovering energy savings and benefiting from our VPP. 

Conclusion: Our success is your success

Even though most people know that dodgy solar operators are common, many consumers still fall into the trap of choosing the wrong one. All you need to do is conduct a quick google search and you’ll find plenty of horror stories of when solar has gone wrong

With us, you’re not just a customer; you’re a partner in revolutionizing the energy landscape while ensuring that you save money and protect yourself from future grid energy price increases at the same time.  

Besides offering high quality products and services, our VPP is a key differentiator. Its seamless operation is only possible when we sell and install best-in-class systems for our customers.  It means we have a long term vested interest in your continued success. Anything less means that we are undermining the ongoing future success of our business. 

If your system does not live up to expectations or fails, we ultimately fail, and that’s as they say…is simply not an option. Get a quote today & see the possibilities

*Savings vary according to individual circumstances.  Terms and Conditions apply.

**Must sign up to the ShineHub VPP. ShineHub VPP terms and conditions apply.

The information contained in this blog is for general information purposes only. ShineHub VPP or Powow products are for approved customers only. Contact ShineHub to confirm your eligibility. Terms and conditions apply.

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