We’re passionate team of solar freedom fighters.

So how did we get here? We’ll its actually a pretty good story.

Our story


We started with an idea

Instead of spending three-six months preparing a pitch deck, meeting with investors and hoping to land a small amount of money in exchange for a hefty chunk of our business equity and control, we found another way.

We asked ourselves: ‘What unique skill do we have, that doesn’t take much of our time, but can generate a lot of value?’


We got moving

Jin (my business partner) and I had experience selling solar panel and battery solutions, at a time when batteries were still quite new.

So, we decided to sell our expertise in this area by offering coaching services to solar companies on how to create a better sales experience for customers when offering batteries. Essentially, consulting to our now competitors.


We started with an idea

We’re no newbies to the solar industry. So when we look at it, we know how it’s broken. Customers are confused by quotes and hassled endlessly by salespeople. And have you tried making sense of those quotes?

So, we asked ourselves one extremely simple question: ‘What if we brought a modern digital experience to solar like we have seen in so many other areas of our lives?”


We got moving

There was only one problem. Since nothing else exists like it in the world, we’d have to build the entire digital experience — and all the backend systems to go with it — from scratch.

So we spent a few years doing community bulk buys for solar and selling batteries around the country to raise the funds to start building it.


Activated people power

We were the among the first to see a bright future in Virtual Power Plants and decided to build a cloud-based Virtual Power Plant software to help our customers maximise savings from their battery while supporting their community with power in times of need.

And it was a hit! Our customers earned an extra profit and the grid became more stable.


Brought solar online

After four long years, we’re finally able to announce the first end-to-end digital experience in the entire home solar industry.

The whole journey is online… from research and installation to tracking your solar on the app and even joining a Virtual Power Plant. It’s a brand new way to do solar. The way it should be.

We’re only half way there.

Our concerns are common; our solutions are extraordinary. Home should be a place where you are in control, where the power belongs to you.

That promise has been broken by big companies that force you to ration your energy use or pay higher and higher electricity bills.

We exist to change that by providing you with the tools you need to have low cost, reliable renewable energy in your home.

Our process

We’ve reimagined the process of going solar from the ground up, building a bespoke digital experience to make going solar a breeze.

Our mission

We help you break free of an energy market where the odds are stacked against you, and deliver a new world where you hold all the power.

Our people

With over 30 years of combined solar industry experience and a team that works hard to shine their brightest every day, we’re here to take care of you.

Our community

Building a sense of community is important these days. That’s why we have donated free solar systems for community buildings over the years.

We’re here to make solar easy.

ShineHub’s promise is easy to believe because it’s simple, accessible, and clear. It’s right there in front of you: easy, affordable solar that can take the place of grid energy in your home.

We employ a range of different strategies to bring costs down and pass the savings on to the homeowner.