Solar goes digital.

Our innovative online experience takes the hassle out of going solar. 

It’s as simple as requesting a quote, signing up and tracking it to installation – all from your device. We’re just a phone call away if you have any questions or if you’d like to speak to a member of our team.

Step 1

Get a Quote

Getting started is quick and easy. Once you’ve requested a quote, one of our friendly solar consultants will be in touch to discuss the best solution for your needs.




Step 2

Our engineers will work their magic.

After you submit your order, we’ll ask you for a few more details to help us determine your energy needs and solar power potential.

From here, our certified engineers will customise the system for your home. We’ll give you a call to run you through the design before we send the final agreement.

Step 3

Get ready to shine!

Book your installation and stay up to date with your order through our online project management tool. You can chat with your project manager and check the status of your installation at any time.

Step 4

Say hello to energy freedom.

Our app makes it easy to track and monitor your solar. You can check on your system’s performance, see how much battery you have left and make sure everything is working as it should be. Remember – the more solar power you’re using, the more money you’re saving!

If you have any issues with your system, you can reach us by raising a ticket through our in-app help function. Simply write a few notes to explain the issue and, if helpful, snap some photos of your system.

Step 5

Brighten your bank account with extra income.^

Make the most of the sunshine by selling some of your battery power for extra income every month.

Join the ShineHub Virtual Power Plant to get started – you’ll be able to track your earnings and environmental impact online. 

All ShineHub solar products are backed by our all-inclusive ShineHub Solar Aftercare.

News stations all over the country are telling the story of how we’re reshaping the solar industry through technology.

From start-up to energy industry monolith, find out how ShineHub conquered the renewables space.

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*Savings vary according to individual circumstances. Terms and Conditions apply.
^Must sign up to the ShineHub VPP. Assumes Virtual Power Plant participation. ShineHub VPP terms and conditions apply.