New solutions to old problems.

We at ShineHub don’t accept the solar industry the way it’s always been. It’s not enough to just say, “Well, this is the way it works.”

We ask why… and if there’s no good answer, we change things! We see the future of the solar industry as being accessible, simple, and affordable for everyone. And we spend our time dreaming up ways to make this vision a reality.

And if that vision isn’t what the big power companies want? Well, that’s fine. There’s a new guy in town.

We imagine

Here’s the question we ask ourselves – if YOU designed the perfect experience, what would it be like. Then, we base our process on that.

We plan

We figure out what it will take to make your perfect system a reality. And we won’t stop at anything. We’ll even invent new tech.

We fight

Finally, we go make it happen. Often that means battling against Big Energy. But we’re on the side of the little guy. We stand against the status quo, that protects the moneyed interests at the expense of everyday people.

Meet the team

With over 50 years of combined experience in the solar industry, our people are here to take renewables to the next level.

Alex Georgiou

American cleantech entrepreneur from silicon valley focusing on digital transformation and VPP market innovation.

Jin Kim

UNSW graduated solar engineer, the technical side of the tandem. Realises the promise of ‘solar that works’ by making sure all the tech actually works for customers.

Our core values

We believe in empowering our employees to improve themselves. Because when everybody is at their best, the company is at their best. And that means that we can function at our highest level – together.




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