How we’re transforming the solar industry.

The future we want to enable is powered by people. That means renewable energy, solar panels, batteries, and VPP software. But solar is stuck in the 20th century, and customers are paying the price. Our goal is to enable a renewable energy transformation from the ground up, so every homeowner has access to affordable, reliable, renewable energy.

We’re here to take you and your family into this new world. With our help, you can break free from an energy market where the odds are stacked against you, and enter a future where you hold all the power.


ShineHub launched

51.6 million

Carbon emissions offset (Kg)


of ShineHub Savers

Bespoke software

We knew that to make our vision a reality, we needed to build a software ecosystem that could bring down costs for customers, while also being scalable across the country.

Usually, to get good service and good products, you have to pay top dollar. But we’ve found another way. Our cutting-edge software handles the admin so we can lower prices while keeping money where it matters – on your roof!

And if you want to join a VPP, don’t worry about shelling out more than $1000 for hardware. Our VPP is entirely cloud based.

So what’s the plan?

As Australia’s leading solar technology provider, ShineHub provides the platform that gives people the power to transform their lives and AUS future.

Batteries – 2.8 million homes in Australia have solar panels. If every one of those had batteries, that would be around 28 GW of power… more than half of Australia’s total power requirement each day. It would be like a giant dam of solar power, available on demand.

Accessibility – But that’s not enough. We need to link all those homes together so that they can provide that on-demand power, support their community, and earn money. ShineHub’s Virtual Power Plant makes this simple.

Scale – The key to transitioning to a renewable energy future in Australia is with people power. We can’t do this alone. We can only do it with you, your friends, and neighbours to join together and create the largest on demand renewable resource in the world.

Natural gas vs. VPPs

We want to create a community-powered Virtual Power Plant large enough to provide up to 30% of Australia’s energy, reducing the need for natural gas power plants, and permanently transforming local communities from passive subjects to real power players.

We’re here to set you free.

Stop being beholden to power companies and start making your own rules.

The time for rationing energy and fearing bills is over. Now’s your moment to break free of the old way of doing things and start a brand new life where you’re in charge of your home’s power.

You’ll have your finger on the button, with full knowledge of how your power is created, how much you have to use, and – most importantly – how much money you’ll save every quarter.

Learn about how we put you at the centre of solar through our empowering online technology.

Learn how ShineHub went from two people with a big idea to one of the major players.

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