Solar panels & a battery: more affordable than you think

There are also some great upfront savings to be had that you may not be aware of that make a solar and battery system more affordable than you may think. Read on to find out the full story.

Save with Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) available to Australian homeowners can substantially lower your system costs by further discounting your solar panels. 

Australia’s STCs offer homeowners like you a golden opportunity to transition to renewable energy for less. And the earlier you seize it, the richer the rewards.

For those in the dark, STCs provide financial incentives for installing small-scale renewable energy systems, such as solar panels. It’s an up-front subsidy generally applied at the point of sale by the solar retailer that can slash thousands off the purchase cost of your home solar power system.

These incentives were set up to boost Australia’s green energy transition and are an important part of helping achieve the renewable energy goals that Australia has pledged. The rebate you get is calculated based on three key things: 

  • The size of the solar system that you are buying (how many panels/kW)
  • Where you live (your postcode)
  • The calendar year of your installation 

The Shrinking Solar Discount

Here’s a fact that may make you want to consider going solar now, as opposed to in the future.  The value of the STCs decrease annually until it is planned to be phased out in 2031 altogether. 

Let’s put this into perspective – check out the table below to see how much the subsidy will reduce every year. So if you’re thinking, “Maybe I’ll wait until next year,” think again. Every passing year will see STCs diminish until they vanish altogether.

Sydney (NSW) & Adelaide (SA) example postcode 2000 & 5000 used  – System size 6.6kW panel system

Year of installationSTCs available Price per STC*Subsidy amountDeeming period**

Melbourne VIC example postcode 3000 used – System size 6.6kW panel system

Year of installationSTCs available Price per STC*Subsidy amountDeeming period**

You can also use the Clean Energy Regulator STC calculator to calculate the number of STCs available to you for your own postcode.  

*The maximum theoretical price you can get for STCs is $40 each, although this is a rare occurrence. For the calculations provided above, we have used a commonly assumed price of $38 per STC. It’s important to note that the actual price of STCs may vary from year to year, influenced by market conditions, government policies, and other factors. 

**The deeming period is the renewable energy created during the period up until 2030 when the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme is designed to phase out. The deeming period is used to calculate the number of STCs available.

The subsidy amount you get is based on install date not the sale date

One key thing to consider is that the STC subsidy is based on when your system is installed, not the date the sales contract is signed. 

As you can imagine, summer is a key time when Australian homeowners consider solar. As installations mount up due to increased demand, if you leave it too late in the year there is no guarantee that your installation can fit into the current installation schedule and you run the risk of losing out on the 2023 subsidy level. 

To put it simply: The longer you wait, the less of a subsidy you’ll get.

Get a quote today to secure this year’s STCs amount before it goes down again next calendar year. Installations are scheduled on a first in best dressed basis, so the sooner you get your solar project under way the better the chances are of securing this year’s subsidy amount. 

The added ShineHub Advantage – more savings to be had

But the discounts don’t stop there. With ShineHub, you’re set for even more perks. When you choose solar panels and a battery from ShineHub, you automatically qualify for our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program. Here’s the cherry on top: When you join we reward you with an additional $2,000 discount^ on your solar battery!

Unlike many other VPP schemes out there, our model offers true independence. Tied down by an energy retailer or plan? Not with us! You’re free to switch as you please, ensuring you always get the most bang for your buck. Especially when your energy retailer can increase their grid energy prices at any time, and reduce their solar Feed-In-tariffs to boot. 

Your Solar battery, Your Passive VPP Income

Our VPP isn’t just about discounts. It’s a source of passive income. For every kWh of energy discharged from your battery during VPP events, we’ll credit you $0.55/kWh. Annually, that’s an additional $150 – $200 you could be pocketing, merely for being part of our renewable journey and helping keep the grid stable for everyone.

Seize the Solar Opportunity

In a nutshell, now is the perfect time to harness solar energy. From government incentives to ShineHub benefits that supercharge your upfront savings now is a great time to go solar. And the longer you wait, the more you may be sacrificing. Ready to dive into a brighter, greener future? Get your quote today. And remember, with ShineHub, the sun always shines brighter.

^Must sign up to the ShineHub VPP. ShineHub VPP terms and conditions apply.

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