The Powow Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – a game changing way to buy solar and a battery

What is a Power Purchase Agreement and why is it a good way to pay for a solar and battery system?

We are excited to be bringing back the Powow Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)* as our hero payment option for hybrid solar and battery systems.

Initially rolling out in NSW, customers will now be able to benefit from this innovative and feature rich payment solution to offset ever rising energy costs by locking in affordable monthly payments for 10 years. In this blog we explore what makes the Powow PPA such a great way to pay for hybrid solar panel and battery systems and save on your energy bills as soon as day one.**

The Powow PPA is now available to NSW residents looking for a great $0 up front deal on solar and battery systems

Our most popular payment solution, the Powow PPA, has been on sabbatical for the past 6 months while the economic situation hampered our ability to offer deals we felt were strong enough for the Australian market.

The great news is that we’ve navigated the choppy economic waters to once again be able to offer affordable solar and battery PPA deals.

Before we explore the Powow Payment Solutions advantage – let’s take a step back and look at the main payment options available to homeowners

Below is a short summary of the main available payment solutions available to Australians looking to fund a solar project.

Unsecured personal loans can be used for any purpose and are not backed by collateral, but they may have higher interest rates and higher monthly payments. They also usually have shorter repayment periods of 5-7 years which means that customers may have higher monthly repayments because they are spreading the payments over a shorter period, potentially making it a less affordable option and unlikely to yield day 1 savings.

Green/solar loans are specifically designed to finance environmentally-friendly projects such as solar systems, and may have lower interest rates than unsecured personal loans. However, often these types of loans have even stricter qualifications for borrowers, meaning the risk of getting knocked back is higher. They also do not come with any assurances of system performance or reliability.

BNPL 0% interest loans allow for immediate installation of solar systems with no upfront cost, and while the repayments may not carry interest, these types of plans often have additional fees and charges that get passed on to the customer. In addition the main BNPL solar payment solutions on the market tend to have a shorter payback period (e.g. 5 years) which means that monthly payments are higher than the Powow PPA that spreads payments over 10 years – helping customers realize savings on their energy bills often from day 1. These payment plans also do not come with any customer protection on the performance of their solar solution. Having said that, a PPA requires that you purchase a hybrid system that has both the power generating asset (panels) and storage asset (battery). BNPL such as Brighte BNPL is therefore often recommended for panel or battery only systems as an alternative to an upfront cash purchase.

The Powow PPA difference

We’d like to think of it as a game changing way to buy solar that puts the customer first and is specifically designed to make solar ownership easier with less risks and added benefits beyond the affordability of being able to fix payments and spread them out over a longer time period. 

The Powow PPA Plan lets you install a hybrid solar system for no upfront cost and includes 100% System Performance Guarantee!  You get all the benefits of solar ownership for a fixed affordable monthly payment. 

This exciting new way to pay is now available to residents in NSW, with SA and VIC to follow later this year. Submit a quote request and let’s schedule a call to provide a personalised quote for your home solar needs. 

Like a mobile phone plan but for solar!

You can essentially think of this straightforward solution as the same as a mobile phone plan – just for power! You get a complete solar setup installed in your home, then pay an affordable monthly fee to draw power from the system, and everything else is taken care of for you. 

Why choose the Powow PPA Plan?

  • No Upfront Costs: Get top-tier solar panels and a battery installed at no initial cost.
  • Locked-in Low Monthly Payments: Enjoy stable, predictable billing for 10 years, and protect yourself against rising energy costs.
  • 100% System Performance Guarantee: With remote system monitoring we can troubleshoot issues, and if the system does not deliver the power we promised, you get credited for any shortfalls until it’s fixed.
  • Access to the ShineHub VPP: You’ll still be able to join the ShineHub Virtual Power Plant to get paid for any excess energy that is discharged from your battery to help keep the grid stable. You can read more about the ShineHub VPP here.
  • 0-year manufacturer battery warranty: On top of inclusive service and maintenance you’ll also get a rock solid 10-year battery & inverter warranty, and 25-year panel warranty, for complete peace of mind.
  • Flexibility to Upgrade: Want to expand your solar power system? Easily modify your plan with additional panels or batteries down the track.
  • Buy out your system at any time: plus at the end of the 10-year plan the system is yours for just $1.
  • Get $20 per month off your solar system when you join the ShineHub VPP^: That amounts to an additional $2,400 savings on the cost of your battery. Please note that prices quoted by our team will include this saving. Should you choose not to participate in the VPP, the price of the system will increase by $20 per month.

Why wait to start saving with solar?

With the Powow PPA you get access to the only retailer independent PPA on the market with a 100% performance money back guarantee. This is crucial, because it means Powow is responsible for making sure your system operates as intended, and with equipment replacement for the whole system throughout the 10 year plan you can feel at ease. If your system doesn’t produce as much power as it should, you’ll be credited every day until it’s fixed.^

In addition, the monthly payments stay the same the whole time they are on the Powow PPA. This means you enjoy a fixed, stable cost of power month after month. As power prices keep going up, your energy savings keep growing with every increase. No worries about variable rate increases here.

In addition, the Powow PPA is a 10 year plan which means that prices can be kept affordable for all system sizes over a longer period of time. Compared to other solutions on the market, PPA payments can be kept affordable by spreading them over a longer time period. At the end of the plan you can own the system outright for $1.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your solar needs and get a quote to see if a solar and battery system from ShineHub on the Powow PPA plan makes sense for you.

Terms and conditions

**Powow PPA – approved customers only. Savings vary according to individual circumstances. Qualifying customers’ accounts will be credited with their energy usage based on the calculated solar generation and specifications of the solar generation unit installed at their premises under the PPA. Terms and conditions apply.

^Must sign up to the ShineHub VPP. ShineHub VPP terms and conditions apply.

The information provided on this blog is for general informational purposes only. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the blog or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the blog for any purpose. Through this blog, you may be able to link to other websites that are not under our control. We have no control over the nature, content, and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them. Contact ShineHub to confirm your eligibility. Terms and conditions apply.

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The Powow Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – a game changing way to buy solar and a battery

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