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Allow your battery to support the community and earn extra money every time it does. Free to join, leave

Currently available in SA and VIC

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How It Works

Our free virtual power plant app enables the grid to draw power from household batteries when it needs additional energy, rather than burning more fossil fuels. In return, you get an additional saving on your energy bill of up to $300^ each year!

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Enjoy The Solar Lifestyle

Enjoy the feeling of supporting your community and paving the way towards 100% renewable energy in Australia.

Everyone Benefits

Virtual power plants have a vital role to play in transitioning Australia towards 100% renewable energy. Right now, gas power plants are topping up our energy system which is terrible for our environment and extremely expensive. Virtual power plants provide a clean and efficient on-demand option where everyone benefits.

You Benefit

Depending on your battery size and home state, we estimate that you’ll receive an extra $150 - $300^ in electricity bill savings per year by joining the virtual power plant.

People Without Solar Benefit

The only options currently available to top up our energy system are extremely expensive. By providing a cost effective solution, everyone will benefit from lower energy prices.

The World Benefits

It’s crucial that we shift to 100% renewable energy as soon as possible. Virtual power plants will accelerate Australia’s shift with low cost, sustainable solar energy available on-demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The ShineHub Virtual Power Plant is unique in this way, and it’s one of the reasons we created it in the first place rather than offer the other solutions in the today. Most virtual power plant options require you to purchase additional hardware just connect to the virtual power plant. We didn’t like this for our customers because the hardware expensive (usually around $1000 to install) and they lock you in to that provider.

No. It is completely free to join.

No. The ShineHub virtual power plant is – and will always be – free for homeowners.

No. There is no lock-in contract and you can cancel at any time without penalty. Our belief is that we should earn your business by delivering great products and services. If we don’t, then we shouldn’t force you to stay with us with a contract.

Currently the Alpha ESS hybrid inverter + battery ECO and SMILE series is compatible with our virtual power plant. We will be adding more batteries as we go forward to achieve our goal of free, universal access to virtual power plants.

^Based on average medium sized battery with a power output of ~5kW using Australian Energy Market Operator pricing data from 2018/19