The future of Australia’s renewable energy starts with you.^

Join a ShineHub VPP and earn extra income from your solar & battery system. Get paid a premium rate for your excess battery power and earn extra income every month. Panels and batteries cut your power bill down, and the VPP can start earning you a profit!


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Carbon emissions offset^^

Our community VPP is a collection of home solar batteries connected together by ShineHub VPP software that provides on-demand battery power to support the grid.

When the grid needs more power, the VPP software instructs uses home batteries to send power back to the grid. In return, households receive a premium payment for all the power they contributed.

So what’s the point of a VPP?^

The benefit for a homeowner is simple: you turn your solar system into a money maker! It’s like renting out a room on air bnb for some extra income, but not having to deal with anyone staying over. Just join, and let the VPP software do the work for you!

For your community and Australia as a whole – it stabilises the grid, prevents blackouts, lowers electricity costs, and reduces the need for fossil fuel power plants.

Earn passive income^

When power is drawn from your battery, you get a premium payment from ShineHub of $0.55 per kWh. You also receive your normal solar feed-in tariff from your energy retailer – usually around $0.06/kWh. So every time a VPP event occurs, you earn a profit!

Prevent blackouts

When the grid needs more power, home batteries provide power from the ground up, keeping your neighbor’s lights on without clogging up the main electricity lines. This helps prevent blackouts while earning you a profit for helping out.

Save the planet

If we all come together to create a future where VPPs are the go-to option, we can replace coal and gas power with sustainable, renewable energy powered by the people. Time to turn the tables on the big energy players!

Tim Stubbs get’s $0 bills - and a little bit extra*

“We actually get credit on our power bill because we export power back to the grid!”

How does a VPP work?^

Step 1. Power for you

Normally, your panels power your home in the day and your battery powers your home at night.

Step 2. Power for the VPP

From time to time the grid requests power from the VPP. Our software automatically sends battery power from all VPP homes in that area onto the grid.

Step 3. Your profits

You get paid a premium rate for all the power sent to the grid during the VPP event, earning you a profit!

Frequently asked questions for VPPs^

Anyone in SA, VIC, NSW, or QLD that has a compatible battery that is connected to the internet can join the VPP.  Compatible batteries are always being updated as we add more over time.  All batteries that are on the ShineHub online shopping part of the site are compatible with our VPP.

The ShineHub Community VPP pays $0.55/kWh for all power sent to the grid during VPP events. This is designed to be higher than the cost of grid power so that if your power is used for the VPP you are always financially ahead.

This payment is made directly from ShineHub and is separate from your electricity provider’s solar feed in tariff credit that you get whenever you send any solar power back to the grid. That’s usually around $0.06/kWh, a credit that you get back on your normal electricity bill.

When you join the VPP you are provided with a ShineHub login that allows you to see all the VPP events your battery has been a part of, how much power was used, and your payment for each event. From there you simply enter your bank details online and we submit payments to that account.

The VPP is responsive to the needs of the grid. It acts as a quick response, on-demand resource that they can activate as needed. It is therefore hard to predict exactly how many VPP events will happen, but we estimate around two VPP events per week.

The more battery power that is used for the VPP, the more profit you make as a homeowner. This is because the payment of $0.55/kWh for all power used for the VPP. The old addage of ‘buy low, sell high’ applies here – you are selling your battery power at a high price, and then even if you need to replace it with grid power later, you get that for a lower price. Long story short – if they VPP uses all your battery power that day, then you make the most money!

There are no costs or fees to you whatsoever. No signup fees, cancellation charges, or ongoing account fees of any kind. We want to keep it really simple – if we use power for the VPP, we pay you a premium rate that earns you a profit. Join for free, leave anytime if you aren’t happy.

However, if you take up a promotion that comes with a battery discount in exchange for a commitment to stay on the VPP for a specific time, you may be required to pay back a portion of the discount you received if you leave the VPP early.

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^Must sign up to the ShineHub VPP. Assumes Virtual Power Plant participation. ShineHub VPP terms and conditions apply.
^^5kW solar power system, their solar power system will generate approx. 20 kW/h per day. It is 8,614kg of CO2 that the household will offset each year.
*Savings vary according to individual circumstances. Terms and Conditions apply.