Help residents and transform your council through the Community Solar Program

Meet sustainability goals and power energy independence for your community. Leverage our free Council Toolkit for Community Solar Programs, created in collaboration with Mitcham Council, for seamless implementation.

How it works

Our proven Community Solar Program model is designed to help you transform your council’s energy infrastructure and achieve your sustainability goals.

Adopt the only end-to-end flexible solution for Councils that includes:  

What are my options as a council?

Solar and Battery Bulk Buy

Offer residents solar panels, battery retrofits, and combo panel + battery systems at a discount to make it easier and more affordable to install them.


EV Chargers

Installing EV charge points around the community paired with solar panel installations at car parks, shopping centres, and council buildings makes it easy for the community to charge their EVs with locally made power.

Linking these systems up batteries in the Virtual Power Plant can further enhance the resilience of the local grid.

Community Batteries

Councils also have the opportunity to support those residents who are unable to install solar through the installation of large community batteries in local parks.

Each community battery project is designed with ease-of-approval in mind, targeting return-on-investment (ROI) in less than 10 years with no increases to rates.

Get the blueprint for a successful Community Solar Program

Our free Council Toolkit for Community Solar Programs – developed in partnership with Mitcham Council – contains everything you need to get your program up and running without reinventing the wheel. Get all the process, compliance, governance and program documentation in one comprehensive toolkit.


Mitcham City Council: 6 sold out community events and over 763 homes join the program.

When the community leaders at Mitcham Council in South Australia decided to help local ratepayers avoid rolling blackouts and rising power prices, partnered with ShineHub to deliver solar panel & battery packages with $0 upfront costs & immediate savings.

763 local residents took advantage of the offer, with 753 electing to install a battery and join ShineHub’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP). This volume of storage will supply enough on-demand power to offset the output of 3 diesel power plants – a massive win for sustainability in the local council.

Why ShineHub?

ShineHub has revolutionised the way entire communities generate, store and manage power.

We have also been selected by the Victoria and South Australian state governments as a Pre-Approved Supplier of Community Batteries on the Industry Capability Network – further streamlining government procurement processes.

It’s your time to shine

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