ShineHub Virtual Power Plant payments increase!

ShineHub VPP payments are increasing by 22% for all ShineHub customers.

At ShineHub we are always looking to make solar ownership even more rewarding. That’s why we are increasing our VPP payments* from $0.45 to $0.55/kWh. This means that you get added passive savings from your battery which could help you pay it off sooner or put a little extra in the bank. Now that is refreshing in a market where electricity prices keep increasing and putting additional strains on homeowners household budgets. 

Let’s take a look at how the ShineHub VPP is an essential component of the solar energy ecosystem and what it means for you as a ShineHub customer. 

Increase solar savings and help us build a sustainable energy future for all Australians

The modern energy landscape is shifting towards clean, renewable, and sustainable sources, as more Australians are looking for ways to save on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. One of the most significant developments in the energy sector in recent years is the dawn of the VPP.  The ShineHub retailer-independent Virtual Power Plant (VPP) – the first of its kind in Australia – has been leading the way from day-one and continues to make a real difference for our customers, the communities they live in and the environment.

How does the ShineHub VPP work?

ShineHub’s VPP is a community-led energy powerhouse comprising a collection of home solar batteries connected together by ShineHub’s VPP software, providing on-demand battery power to support the grid in times of high demand. This innovative system allows homeowners to turn their solar systems into money-making machines by getting paid a premium rate for their excess battery power, generating extra passive income from their battery every month.

We are increasing VPP payments to save our customers even more

The advantages of joining the ShineHub VPP are significant. During VPP events, when power is drawn from your battery, ShineHub provides a premium payment of $0.55 per kWh, up from the previous $0.45. This 22% increase in VPP payments allows households to enjoy extra savings of up to $120 annually, adding up to a substantial $1,200 over a ten-year battery lifespan.

Get a $2,000 discount on your battery purchase

Additionally, when you join the ShineHub VPP, you get a $2000 discount on top of the battery price in the form of a battery subsidy paid by ShineHub. This is particularly beneficial in light of the recent increase in energy costs for Australians. Hence, going solar with a battery and VPP offer makes more sense than ever before. 

100% retailer independent

In addition, we built the ShineHub VPP to be the most flexible VPP solution on the market to make sure that participation is easy and worry free. Because it is retailer-independent, unlike a lot of other VPPs on the market, you are free to change your energy retailer or electricity plan at any stage and still remain on the VPP. 

Free to join with no fees or charges

There are no costs or fees to you whatsoever. No signup fees, or ongoing account fees of any kind. We want to keep it really simple – if we use power for the VPP, we pay you a premium rate that earns you a profit.

Powerful warranty and best-in-class batteries

You may have heard that your battery and inverter warranty can be affected by VPP participation. And for some battery products out there such as the Tesla Powerwall and LG Chem RESU for example, this is certainly the case – the warranty is significantly affected by VPP participation. In a nutshell it means that instead of getting a 10-year warranty, you get an 8 or 7 year warranty because their warranties break when customers join a VPP. 

With ShineHub, we choose longer lasting batteries that have rock solid 10 year warranties. Our powerful AlphaESS Smile battery enjoys the same level of warranty cover for the full 10-years – even if you participate in a VPP.  This gives you peace of mind and confidence that the battery will actually last the full 10 years, while allowing you to earn extra money through the VPP.

Environmental and Community Benefits

Joining the ShineHub VPP isn’t just about savings; it’s also about contributing to a greener, cleaner future. The ShineHub VPP now boasts over 4,500 customers and is offsetting the equivalent of 18 natural gas/diesel fossil fuel power plants. By supporting the grid when power demand is high, the ShineHub VPP helps stabilise the grid, prevent blackouts, lower electricity costs, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels for everyone in the community.

Getting a solar battery is the key to VPP benefits

The process is straightforward. Normally, your solar panels power your home during the day and your battery does so at night. Occasionally, when the grid needs more power, the VPP software automatically sends battery power from all VPP homes in the area onto the grid. With our VPP, you receive a premium payment for all the power sent to the grid during the VPP event, creating a profit for you.

The Powow app is your perfect VPP companion

To enhance your VPP experience and gain even more insight and control over your battery and VPP events and payments, be sure to download the new Powow energy management app. It’s a great way to not only revolutionize your solar ownership experience with insights into your system, how much solar and grid energy you are using, integrated customer support (the first such feature of any solar app in Australia), it’s also the best way to see your VPP participation and earnings. Take a tour of the Powow app’s groundbreaking features and benefits with our detailed app walk-through video below and see for yourself. 

If you already have a ShineHub solar system, download the Powow app today by clicking the link to your app store below!

Read more about who Powow is here.


Remember, joining the VPP isn’t just about sustainable living—it’s about making sustainability work for you! Join us today and turn the tables on the big energy players. Let’s build a future where VPPs are the go-to option and replace coal and gas power with sustainable, renewable energy powered by the people, for the people.

The information contained in this blog is for general information purposes only. ShineHub VPP or Powow products are for approved customers only. Contact ShineHub to confirm your eligibility. Terms and conditions apply.

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