Live in Victoria? You Can Afford A Solar Panel + Battery Package NOW

Solar power is the key to protecting your household from rising energy costs. And if you live in Victoria, the Powow PPA Plan is your ticket to reliable, affordable renewable energy for $0 upfront and instant savings.

Still reeling from your latest electricity bill? You’re not alone. The wholesale price of electricity in Victoria has jumped 72 per cent from last financial year – and experts are expecting it to keep going up.

Rationing out electricity usage in the midst of an icy Melbourne winter isn’t something we’d wish on anyone. So we’re pleased to announce that ShineHub is rolling out the Powow PPA Plan in Victoria!

What is it, you ask? It’s kind of like a mobile phone plan, except for solar panels and batteries. For a low monthly fixed fee, you get access to a complete solar panel and battery system, complete with:

  • Maintenance, monitoring, service, and equipment replacement for the whole system throughout the plan.
  • A 100% money back performance guarantee. (i.e. if it doesn’t work, you won’t pay for it)*
  • A complete solar aftercare program.
  • Access to the ShineHub Community Virtual Power Plant (VPP) – which allows you to actually earn an income from your solar system from Day One.

The Powow PPA Plan can help you maintain your comfort and quality of life, without paying through the roof. So forget sitting in the dark shivering all winter as energy prices continue to skyrocket. Get ahead of the energy crisis with a reliable and affordable renewable solution! Now’s the time to take advantage of it in Victoria.

Why NOW is the time to get solar panels and batteries

Electricity prices are soaring

Recent global events have proven that energy powered by fossil fuels is extremely volatile. The only way to free yourself from the uncertainty of price fluctuations is to produce your own solar energy. Fossil fuels are finite – but sunshine isn’t!

Solar batteries are more accessible than ever

Solar panels can only help you so much. They give you energy during the day, but still leave you paying expensive grid prices in the evenings. Panels combined with solar batteries, however, are the real gamechanger. With a complete solar panel and battery package, you can get:

  • Up to 90 per cent reduction in your electricity bill – And the savings kick in from Day One of having your solar system installed*.
  • Access to VPP – A solar battery allows you to participate in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), which is a network of connected home batteries that provide power to support the grid when needed. When your battery is involved in a VPP event, you get paid a premium for your power – so your battery is actually earning you an income.
  • The knowledge that you’re making a difference! – ShineHub’s Community VPP has already generated enough power to offset 18 gas power plants, as of June 2022. Solar battery owners are stabilising the grid, and flooding it with more clean, renewable energy every day.
  • Optional blackout protection – With access to on-demand renewable power, you can power your home even when the grid fails. And when the grid needs more power, it can draw it from your home battery and help to keep your neighbour’s lights on too.

With solar batteries more affordable and accessible than they’ve ever been, paying themselves off much sooner, now’s the time to go solar.

Solar rebates are on offer in Victoria

Right now, Solar Victoria is supporting eligible Victorian households to install solar batteries by offering rebates on solar battery purchases! There are a limited number of rebates on offer, and they’re dropping in value as time goes on. So this is an offer to take up sooner rather than later.

How Powow PPA Plan can give you peace of mind

Guarding yourself from turbulent grid prices is one thing. But you want to be sure that your solar solution is a viable long-term option for lowering your electricity bills, right?

The Powow PPA Plan is designed especially for homeowners who want to reap the benefits of solar panels and batteries from Day One, while knowing that everything is taken care of for them. So you can sign up with the knowledge that your monthly payments cover it ALL:

  • Solar Panel + Battery Installation
  • 100% Performance Guarantee*
  • Solar Aftercare
  • ShineHub Community VPP Access

Powow PPA has had huge success in NSW and QLD, where it’s been available for some time now. Take a look at this real life example.

NSW Case Study

With a newborn on the way, Paul and Belinda noticed that their electricity bill was already $583/qtr. Factoring in future kids and adding a pool in the backyard, they saw that bill rising to a place they didn’t want it to go.

So, they ordered a 6.6W panel + 10kWh battery on the PPA Plan – and they were blown away by the results!

Not only did they get huge savings – their electricity company actually owed THEM money at the end of the quarter! The image below shows the ‘total amount due’ to be $103.09 in credit.

Now they have all the power they need to add more kids and a pool to their family. All while knowing they have a low, predictable energy cost to power their family’s future with sunshine.

Paul & Belinda’s new family
Paul & Belinda’s new bill

Our special VIC launch offer

To celebrate the launch of the Powow PPA Plan in Victoria, we’re offering a standard 6.6kW panels + 10kWh battery system for a low monthly price.

If you need more energy (think: large family, powering an EV), you can upgrade to our massive 13kW panel + 10kWh battery system for a slightly higher premium.

So how much will you pay each month? This depends on the size of your system, but it’s likely that you will pay less each month as part of the Powow PPA Plan than your existing electricity bill. The savings start from Day One. Use our System Design Tool to clearly see what the price will be for you.

And the clincher: The Solar Victoria rebate will be factored into your monthly fixed price PPA cost, too! So it’ll be even cheaper to sign up sooner rather than later. Remember, the battery rebate program won’t last long.

Design your perfect solar system now.

VIC Powow PPA Plan FAQs

How can I check if I’m eligible for the Solar Victoria rebate?

Visit the Solar Victoria solar battery rebate webpage to view the details and see if you’re eligible to apply.

Do solar power systems come with a full warranty and guarantee*?

Yes. Your solar system’s installation, maintenance, and repairs are all taken care of for you, and there aren’t any surprise costs down the track. This includes replacement of the solar panels, inverter, or batteries if they stop working at any point.

Rest easy, knowing that any unexpected costs are covered under the Powow PPA Plan.

What does the Powow PPA Plan cover?

Everything to make the system work properly! We’re responsible for maintenance, monitoring, service, and equipment replacement for the whole system throughout the plan. Think of this as a full system warranty and insurance rolled into one — if the panels or batteries stop delivering power to your home, we’ll fix it at our cost, and your monthly payments will be credited for the days the system wasn’t working properly.

We want you to be 100% confident in your decision to switch to solar and battery power for your home. Enjoy the peace of mind that the Powow PPA Plan can offer you!

Do I have to pay if the system stops working?

If that were to happen, you’d get credited for every day the system is not working until it gets fixed. The installation comes with 24/7 monitoring, so as soon as an issue occurs, we’ll be informed and get it fixed for you at no cost. You can also log into the online app yourself to see how things are going at any time.

Our system offers full transparency so that you’ll always know exactly what’s going on with your solar power system.

Can I expand or upgrade my system down the track?

Yes. The Powow PPA Plan makes it easy to expand or upgrade the solar power system down the track. You can make all sorts of changes, such as adding extra panels or batteries. Simply let us know what you want to do, and we can update your monthly payment without having to go through another application.

Make whatever improvements you want to make — it’s up to you!

What products do you use*?

We only use top-tier products because, at the end of the day, we are responsible for fixing anything that breaks, and paying for any replacement parts. One of the benefits of the Powow PPA Plan is that you don’t have to worry about any replacement costs during the life of the term. And, if you choose to own the system at the end for $1, you get to own all that top-shelf equipment!

Who handles installations?

We only partner with local solar installers who are trained and certified in solar panel and battery installations.

Once installation is completed, we’ll do a quality review check to ensure everything was done properly — including a performance analysis of the solar and battery system via the energy monitoring app that comes free with every system.

Can I purchase the system before the end of the term?

Absolutely! If you want to purchase the system early, you can do so without penalty and at a fair price. This is all outlined in the quote you receive before signing on.

What happens if I move house?

If you move, you can either transfer the low monthly payment to the new homeowner, or you can buy it out and wrap it into the price of the home.

How do I apply for Powow PPA?

Easy! Use ShineHub’s easy online system design tool to select your solar system and see what your monthly payments will be.

You’ll need a copy of your electricity bill, a government-issued Photo ID, and a rates notice to apply for Powow PPA. As long as your electricity bill is paid up to date and you own your house, you have a very good chance of being approved.

Victorians, are you ready to join the solar revolution? Design your perfect solar system online.

*This offer is non-transferable and only available to customers who live in VIC. Qualifying customers’ accounts will be credited with their energy usage based on the calculated solar generation and specifications of the solar generation unit installed at their premises under the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). PPA Terms and Conditions apply. This offer is not redeemable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Employees and their relatives of GTL Renewable Pty. Ltd. are excluded from this offer.

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