Your Life, Powered by Sunshine – ShineHub EV Charging Plan

The future is electric. Charge your electric vehicle and power your home our EV Charging Plan including a massive 13kW panel + 20kWh battery solar system!

Imagine a future where your whole life is powered by sunshine. You drive home in your electric car, park in the garage, and plug into your charging station. It’s a hot day, so you turn the air-con on when you get inside. You open the fridge, grab a beer, and kick your feet up. Outside, the sun sits high in a hazy sky, but it’s a frosty 24 degrees in your living room. Your children run over and ask if they can turn the temperature down another degree.

“Sure,” you say. “It’s not like we have to worry about the power bill.”

They look up at you with wonder in their eyes and ask, “What’s a power bill?”

Don’t worry, they’re not stupid. They just live in the world you built for them, where grid energy has become a relic of the past.

The future is electric. And if you want it to work for you, it should be solar too. With the right solar system, you can power your home all day and night. And you can charge your car with that same energy.

“The right solar system will only use grid energy as a last resort”

Imagine it: your whole life powered by sunshine! No coal or petrol, no power bill, no sacrifice to your lifestyle. And most importantly – no expensive grid energy!

Get the right solar system, and you’ll only use grid power as a last resort! ShineHub’s EV Charging Plan includes 13kW panels and a 20kWh AlphaESS solar battery*. This massive system features an EUPD Top Brand battery and could produce enough power to take your electricity bill down to $0 – or even into credit! And, most importantly, it allows you to power your lifestyle with pure sunshine!

Interested in future-proofing your home and moving Australia toward clean, renewable energy? Book a free consultation with our solar experts!

Use More, Pay Less

If you’re still relying on grid energy, the thought of a life powered by electricity might seem like a nightmare. Your bills are already too much to handle – how are you ever going to charge a car as well! You’ll end up skipping the laundry and turning off your air-con just to make your morning commute.

But with the right solar power system, you can cut your power bills down to nothing or even send them into credit! You could create enough electricity to power your home during the day and store enough to power your home through the night. All you have to do is pay a stable, predictable monthly amount, then leave dirty grid energy in the past where it belongs.

If you have an electric car, this system will most likely be able to charge it for your daily drive (see the chart below). That’s on top of all the power you need for your home! And if you don’t have an electric car, a system like this one can make it more economically viable in the future.

When you’re producing that much electricity, why waste money on petrol? Embrace the future and power your life with sunshine!

The ShineHub EV Charging Plan – Bigger Is Better

Picking the right solar power system for your home and family isn’t just about what you need right now – it’s also about picking the system that can meet your needs in the future. A common mistake is picking a system that only meets your current needs. You pick the size that matches the amount of power you’re using day to day. But take a moment to ask yourself the most important question – “What about tomorrow?”

ShineHub’s new EV Charging Pack is designed to provide plenty of power even as you transform your lifestyle. This massive package includes 13kW panels + 20kWh battery system. That’s a system double the size of the residential solar system most popularly pushed on the market. Why double? One for the house, one for the car!

A system of this size offers a whole range of benefits. The sheer production power of the panels means you could produce enough power for your home all year round, not just in the summer. And on top of that, it can produce enough power to charge an electric car overnight.

That means a future with low or non-existent power bills and no need for petrol! Your entire life will be powered by clean, renewable energy.

Charging Your Electric Vehicle with Solar

So, how does an electric vehicle fit into your solar setup? Well, simply put – an electric car is just an added appliance that needs power to run. In order to ensure that you have enough power for an electric vehicle, you need to make sure the solar system is large enough.

It’s as simple as knowing how much power you need for your daily drive. Then you figure out what solar system you need – for most homes, a 6.6kW system with a 10kWh battery – and add the power you need to account for the car. The simple chart below shows how much extra power you’ll need for your vehicle:

So, how does it work in practice? Let’s say Sally lives in a typical household with typical power needs. If she installs a 6.6kW system with a 10kWh battery, she can push her bill down to $0 or less. But what if she drives an electric car 40km a day? Well, then she’d need an additional 8kWh of battery space and an extra 2kW worth of panels. If she installed our EV Charging system, she’d have enough power to cancel out her daily drive. And there’d be enough left over to send a bit back into the grid, and her bill into credit.

Live the Solar Lifestyle with the EV Charging Plan

We hear from people all the time who tell us that solar can be overwhelming. There’s so much information floating around and so many different complicated plans to choose from. It’s an important decision, and sometimes it feels like too much to sort through.

That’s why ShineHub keeps it simple. We make sure everything is clear and straightforward so that you know what you’re getting and how it’s going to save you money. Think of this plan as an all-inclusive solar lifestyle package! You pay a simple monthly price for everything you need to power your home. There’s nothing else to think about! No hidden fees, and no maintenance costs down the road.

For that low monthly payment, you get 13kW panels + 20kWh battery*. And that includes maintenance costs, installation, and a 100% warranty and system performance guarantee. There are no hidden fees to worry about.

Many of our customers have eliminated their power bill completely or even gone into credit! Imagine opening your power bill and seeing that you’ve actually made money. That’s a regular occurrence for many ShineHub customers.

For a simple monthly payment, you can completely overhaul your lifestyle so that everything is powered by sunshine. It’s that easy!

A Brighter Future with Solar

For Australia’s solar families, the future is now. They’re living lives powered by sunshine, with power bills in credit, air-con whenever they want it, and enough power to meet their needs without resorting to grid energy.

Take a bold step into a brighter future with ShineHub’s EV charging pack, featuring 13kW panels and a 20kWh AlphaESS solar battery. Not only could you reduce your reliance on grid energy, you can produce enough electricity to charge your EV every night!

Going solar is an investment. For most ShineHub customers, it’s an investment that pays off immediately. When you’re saving more on your power bill than you’re spending on a solar system, you don’t have to wait for the payoff. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about the future.

Electric cars, more demanding home appliances, and hotter summers are all becoming a reality. Installing a large solar system sets you up for a future that gets more focused on electricity every year. If you’ve got enough roof space for a bigger system, go for it! A solar system like this will future-proof your home, save you money, and assure your quality of life well into the future.

The future is electric, and it’s time to get ready. With our EV Charging Plan, you can power your whole life with sunshine. You can leave pricey, dirty grid energy behind. And you can help lead the charge into a future powered by renewables.

Make your future sustainable. Make it solar.

Ready to transform your lifestyle? Chat with our friendly experts and make the switch today!

*This offer is non-transferable and only available to customers who live in NSW or Queensland. Qualifying customers’ accounts will be credited with their energy usage based on the calculated solar generation and specifications of the solar generation unit installed at their premises under the PPA. This offer is not redeemable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Employees and their relatives of GTL Renewable Pty. Ltd. are excluded from this offer.

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