The ShineHub Virtual Power Plant Has Offset 18 Gas Power Plants! What’s Next?

Everyday Australians are banding together to wrestle control away from the big energy companies. Together, ShineHub Community VPP members have almost doubled the active Megawatt-Hours on the VPP platform, generating enough solar power to offset 18 gas power plants. And this is just the beginning.

The battle between solar energy and fossil fuels is coming to a head. Big energy companies are fighting to continue depleting the earth of its natural resources (shooting prices sky-high as a result). But more and more Australians are standing up and joining forces to power their communities with Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) like the ShineHub Community VPP.

We’ve spoken in depth about how joining the ShineHub Community VPP can save YOU money. But Australia’s energy dilemma goes beyond just cutting electricity costs in individual households. The end game is far bigger than that. It’s about creating the kind of future we all want to live in – the kind of future we want for our children.

Do you want to be rationing out your electricity usage, breathing polluted air, and drinking contaminated water? Or do you want lower energy bills, clear air, and a quality of life unimpeded by skyrocketing grid prices?

It’s not much of a competition, is it? And yet the less desirable scenario is already playing out in many states across Australia, with electricity prices rising up to 25 per cent or more.

By contrast, look at what’s happening in the ACT. It’s managed to shield itself from surging power prices by transitioning to 100 per cent renewable energy. While the rest of the country battles a crippling energy crisis, ACT residents get off scot-free! It just goes to show that solar power genuinely IS a viable alternative to coal and gas. And that’s why ShineHub is fighting to shut down gas power plants altogether.

The Grand Vision

Our vision is big, but so is its potential.

We want to change the way our country generates its power, and put it back into the hands of real people, like you. Our plan is significantly different to what our country’s big energy players envisage, but it’s the only way to protect our way of life – and our planet.

The first step is to help more people access solar panels and batteries – which are now more affordable than ever before. Then, we need more people to connect to a VPP. From there, we can continue to shut down power plant after power plant until we completely remove the need for gas power plants.

Well that’s a big, audacious goal if ever there was one! Right, but it’s audaciously playing out already.

Our progress so far

The ShineHub VPP has grown

In the last year, we’ve almost doubled the active Megawatt-Hours (MWh) on the VPP platform, bringing our total VPP size to roughly 33.94MWh!

Our community has over 3,000 homes connected via the ShineHub VPP, and our members are getting paid for their extra power up to two times a week!

This VPP growth is already having a serious impact on the way our country generates its power.

We’ve offset 18 gas power plants

At its current size, the ShineHub Community VPP now has the potential to produce the amount of energy needed to offset an impressive 18 natural gas powered power stations.

Power generated from the ShineHub VPP now offsets the amount of energy produced by these gas power stations across Australia:

  1. Molendinar (QLD) – 0.7 MW landfill gas
  2. Shoalhaven Landfill Gas Project (NSW) – 1 MW landfill gas
  3. Kincumber Landfill Gas Abatement (NSW) – 1 MW landfill gas
  4. Woy Woy Landfill Gas Abatement (NSW) – 1 MW landfill gas
  5. Stapylton (QLD) – 1 MW landfill gas
  6. Suntown, Arundel (QLD) – 1 MW landfill gas
  7. Blue Lake Milling Power Plant (SA) – 1 MW diesel
  8. Tatiara Meats Bordertown (SA) – 1 MW diesel
  9. McRobies Gully (TAS) – 1 MW landfill gas
  10. Corio (EDL) (VIC) – 1 MW landfill gas
  11. Mornington Waste Disposal Facility (VIC) – 1 MW landfill gas
  12. Wyndham Waste Disposal Facility (VIC) – 1 MW landfill gas
  13. Whitwood Road (QLD) – 1.1 MW landfill gas
  14. Atlas (Mirrabooka) (WA) – 1.1 MW landfill gas
  15. Jason Street (TAS) – 1.6 MW landfill gas
  16. Dongara (WA) – 1.6 MW natural gas
  17. Millar Road, Rockingham (WA ) – 1.6 MW landfill gas
  18. Coominya, AFC Abattoir (QLD) – 1.73 MW natural gas

And this is just the start.

So what’s next?

It’s worth noting that the ShineHub VPP has only been running for a few short years. It’s still a baby! You’ve got to admit – offsetting 18 power stations in 3 years of operation is significant!

And it’s just the beginning. 

As the VPP grows with every new battery connected, we’ll keep increasing the amount of energy we can draw on to offset even more power stations. Our VPP has offset 1.86mil Kg carbon emissions to date and we’ll continue fighting every day to offset even more in the future.^

Take THAT fossil fuels industry! This is what replacing big, dirty energy with clean, people-powered solutions looks like.

As we grow, our community VPP gets getting bigger, faster and better, which means:

  • More grid stability – Renewable energy generated by solar panels and batteries is reliable energy. It helps prevent blackouts, gives you access to consistent power day and night, and contributes power to your neighbourhood.
  • More affordable energy –  The acceleration of  community-produced solar that the ShineHub VPP facilitates will lead to more affordable energy for everyone, not just you. (But you’ll certainly love getting paid a premium when you sell your power to the grid!)
  • Power in the people’s hands – Solar energy and VPP means not being held hostage by big energy companies with their ballooning prices, and not having to wait around for politicians to update policies. We can band together now and make the change happen ourselves.
  • Greater peace of mind – The energy market is volatile, but community-produced solar power isn’t. It’s reliable, clean, and sustainable – unlike fossil fuels.
  • Benefits for everyone – The more renewable solar energy there is on the grid, the more stable it will be, and less we’ll need to rely on energy that harms the environment and impacts future generations. Your solar power helps everyone.

The End Game

It’s still early days. At ShineHub VPP’s current rapid rate of growth, we estimate that the next 18 power plants will be offset in half the time of the first 18!

The energy crisis is making more and more Australians seek alternative solutions. And the way it’s going, solar energy might just win out in the near future.

So will you play an active role in Australia’s Energy War, or just sit on the sidelines? Here are two things you can do today:

  1. Start Your Solar Journey
  2. Share this article with someone you know who’s thinking of going solar! (It might just give them the nudge they need.)

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is for general information purposes only. VPP, BNPL or Powow PPA products are for approved customers only. Contact ShineHub to confirm your eligibility. Terms and conditions apply.

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