Who is Powow?

Learn more about Powow and the Powow app.

Who is Powow and how do they work with ShineHub to improve the solar ownership experience for all our customers. 

Powow is a sister company of ShineHub that provides pay as you go options for solar panel and battery systems. We have worked in partnership with Powow since we started ShineHub in 2016. 

Both are part of the GTL Holding Group of companies. ShineHub is a solar retailer selling and installing solar panel and battery systems, while Powow is the provides pay as you go solar options and develops solar technology that we use for the Virtual Power Plant. 

Powow also develops companion technology like the Powow app, designed to make the customer experience even better for all our customers. 

Technology and user experience

Powow has been busy developing an all new app based on feedback from our customers who up until now have been using the apps that are provided by the manufacturer of the system. And we think our customers will love it because it has all new features and benefits that are not provided by manufacturer apps. 

Not only is Powow the crew behind the new Powow App, they also partner with ShineHub to drive the development of our cloud based, retailer – independent Virtual Power Station technology and electricity grid integration. 

The Powow App

Up until now we have partnered with Alpha ESS, utilising their battery management app to give our customers more control of their battery. 

However, there were a few things that customers told us could be better or were missing from the legacy Alpha ESS app. We have addressed these in the new Powow app to provide them with the best battery user experience in the industry. 

We have taken everything that was good about the Alpha app and added new and exciting features and functionality to give customers even more control and insight into their solar battery system so they can use even less grid electricity and save even more by using solar energy to power their lives. We even took it a step further by adding in new features not seen in any other solar app out there – things like direct access to customer service, billing and payment management, and a full Virtual Power Plant section where you can see your earnings and contribution towards the VPP you are a part of. 

Designed to work seamlessly with Alpha ESS batteries, the new Powow app is a great improvement on the legacy Alpha ESS app. 

Please note: While the Powow App provides a superior experience, it’s important that you keep the Alpha ESS app in case you need to reset the wifi connection to your battery if it gets disconnected. But for everything else there’s the Powow App. 

Download the App today and do more

Get real time insight into your solar system performance, manage your home energy use and access customer support – it’s all in the new Powow APP. 

  • See how much energy you are generating, storing, and using.
  • Access support directly from the app. No other app on the market has this great feature! 
  • Visibility of VPP events and your earnings.
  • For those on Powow payment plans:
    • See all your payments and billing information, and set up direct debit payments and connect your bank account so VPP payments are paid to you directly every month. 
    • Buy out at any time or transfer ownership to a new homeowner if you sell your home.

You’re in good hands with Powow

With ShineHub and Powow, you have the perfect solar partners to make your system ownership easy and rewarding from the day it gets installed. Unlock new insights and useful features that puts more control in the palm of your hand. 

Download the app today by searching Powow in the Apple App Store or on Google Play Store. 

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