ShineHub Solar Customer Case Studies

Real people just like you are beating the system with solar + battery systems. Become a ShineHub solar customer and make solar work for you.

There’s one thing we hear from our solar customers over and over again: We thought it was too good to be true – but it’s just that good!

Hey, we get it! When you hear you can zero out your power bills or even send them into credit without sacrificing your lifestyle, it does sound too good to be true. Throw in all the renewable energy you can use day and night, and it sounds like a total fantasy. But that fantasy has become a daily reality for many of our customers.

Our ultimate goal is to make big, dirty energy a thing of the past and move Australia toward a future of community solar power – offering everyone the chance to escape rip-off power bills once and for all. Over 3,200 ShineHub customers have signed up to start reaping the benefits of solar and battery systems. And some of them are saving more than $1,000 per quarter and even making additional income from the excess power they generate.

You can break free too! All you have to do is reach out to our solar experts. They’ll walk help you find the right solar system for your home. Energy freedom is just one conversation away. Take a bold step into a better future and join thousands of satisfied energy pioneers who are escaping the grasp of the grid and making solar power a reality.

Real People on ShineHub Solar + Battery Systems

“At every level the [ShineHub] staff went beyond expectation in their professionalism, blending technical ability, customer care and courtesy in uncommon measures. Accordingly, I recommend ShineHub without reservation.” Paul Cockburn, NSW

“We were recommended a smaller system as the simulation they ran showed slightly lower efficiency compared to the 21 panel system we wanted. The 18 panels was to give us a better result which meant less money for ShineHub. I don’t know many companies who would be so transparent! Every person I came across was friendly, knowledgeable and patient.” Sarah Sims, VIC

Sarah and Louis from Woodville West, SA – Cut Power Bills by $1,358.72

Electricity Bill before Solar: $1,323 quarterly bill

Electricity Bill after Solar + Batteries: -$35.72 quarterly bill in credit

Difference: $1,358.72

Sandra and Louis decided to take up one of our $0 deposit options. They installed a 5.94kW panel system + 11.4kWh batteries. Their energy bills have dramatically dropped to a credit of $35.72 a quarter. That’s a difference of more than $1,300 a quarter! Even factoring in the repayments on their system, Sandra and Louis are saving over 50% on their total home electricity costs.

Carrol and Patrick from Mt. Gambier, SA – Cut Power Bills by $786.32

Electricity Bill before Solar: $677 per quarter

Electricity Bill after Solar + Batteries: -$109.32 per quarter in credit

Difference: $786.32

Carrol and Patrick attended our SA Community Solar Program last year. After considering all the options, they settled on a 5.94kW panel system + 11.4kWh batteries.

After installation, their energy bills dropped to a credit of $109.32 a quarter. Carrol and Patrick received their first energy bill and said they were “just stoked” to find out they were instantly saving over 50% on their total home electricity costs – and that’s after their repayments!

Louise from Millswood, SA – Cut Power Bills by $967.06

Electricity Bill before Solar: $1073.72 quarterly bill

Electricity Bill after Solar + Batteries: $106.66 quarterly bill

Difference: $967.06

Louise took advantage of our SA Bulk Buy last year, purchasing a 5.94kW panel system + 11.4kWh batteries. Since installation, her bills have dropped to an average of $106.66/qtr. Based on current electricity prices and feed-in tariff rates, Louise stands to save a whopping $38,682.40 over the next 10 years!

These are the cases where solar and batteries were a good fit – but it’s not always the case! Meet a customer we turned away after working out that solar wasn’t the right choice for her:

Annie from Geelong

At ShineHub, our mission is to help you find the solar + battery system that is right for you. We don’t believe in pushing our products onto our customers – we want to offer tangible savings and lifestyle improvements. We want every ShineHub solar customer to save money. And, if we don’t think our systems can help you save money, we’ll tell you so!

 “Just a quick note to say what a useful and informative night… after discussion with the experts I have decided that it is not economical for me to add a battery at this stage… It was so good to be able to speak with someone who was unbiased and gave me an honest answer without feeling like I was going to be pressured into buying something.”  Annie, VIC

Become a ShineHub Solar Customer

When it comes to solar, there’s a lot of information out there. It can be overwhelming and confusing. Have a chat with us to cut through the noise and figure out what’s right for your home! Just like Sarah, Louis, Sandra, Paul, Caroll, Patrick, and even Annie – reach out and see if solar can benefit you!

Want to find out how to become a ShineHub solar customer? Book a consultation with one of our solar experts!

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