How to be Energy Self-Sufficient with Solar Panels & Batteries

Learn how to be energy self-sufficient and look after yourself, your family, and your community. Cut your bill while living the way you want!

Becoming energy self-sufficient means breaking the shackles of big power companies and their relentless price hikes. It means using your power when you want to, how you want to. It means a better lifestyle for your family and more stable energy for your community. Maybe that sounds like a fantasy to you. But what if we told you that real people just like you are becoming energy self-sufficient for less than you’re paying for your regular power bill?

With the right system, your household can produce and store enough solar power to give you the lifestyle you deserve. Energy self-sufficiency is a reality right now. But you need to ensure that you have the right system for the job.

With a combination of solar panels, batteries, and a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), you can take control of your home power supply. And with that control comes a whole range of benefits – from sending your bills into credit to protecting your home against blackouts.

Read on to discover the better world you could live in thanks to a solar panel, battery, and VPP solution. Or get in touch and we’ll walk you through it!

Free Yourself from the Power Companies

Taking control of your own power supply means you don’t have to rely on old energy fat cats to power your home. The only reason they get away with their predatory pricing, rate hikes, and terrible service is that customers don’t realise there’s an alternative.

But there is! ShineHub customers are zeroing out their bills or even sending them into credit thanks to their solar setups. Sandra and Louis from South Australia were paying $1,323 on their quarterly electricity bill. Now their electricity bill is in credit by $35.72 in the same quarter the following year. All thanks to a 6kW panel system and 11 kWh battery from ShineHub. Carrol and Patrick, also from South Australia, took a $677/quarter bill and sent it into credit by $109.32.

These everyday Australians didn’t lower their bills by skimping on air-con or doing laundry in the middle of the night. They took control of their situation and found the right solar power system to give their families the lifestyle they deserved.

Solar – A Better Way of Life

By choosing to become self-sufficient, you’re changing how those in your household think about energy supply & usage. You can slash your bills or even send them into credit, all the while using your power and appliances freely without any nagging worries in the back of your mind.

1. Ditch big bills and boost your lifestyle

One of the main benefits of an energy self-sufficient household is the money you’ll save. This is because a panel and battery system offers the ability to save up to 90% or more on your electricity bill.

Stop worrying about how big the bill’s going to be this quarter. Invest in low, predictable bills and make budgeting easier for your family. All while blasting the air-con without a care in the world!

2. Protection against blackouts

Australia’s energy network is outdated. It’s an old, lumbering dinosaur that lacks the agility to fix problems as they arise. Power is generated at just a few main sites, then sent to consumers through power lines. If anything goes wrong along the way, blackouts can occur over large areas, plunging you, your family, and your neighbourhood into darkness.

A solar panel and battery system can set you free, letting you power your home from your battery while the dinosaur stumbles and falls. While anyone still relying on the grid will be rummaging for candles, you’ll be charging your phone in a well-lit room.

Like one of our customers told us, “When the grid drops our friends know to come over and bring their beer, we will have an operating fridge and TV.”

3. A cleaner, more sustainable future

When we talk about family and community, we’re really talking about the future. Are we building a world together that will be better and easier for our loved ones than it is today? By committing to long-term clean energy solutions in the home, families and homeowners are creating a community dedicated to blue skies, fresh air, and an economy that includes affordable renewables that don’t sacrifice efficiency.

What Kind of Solar Power System Do I Need?

There are three main choices when it comes to solar power:

While all three main solar options offer you the ability to lower your bills, the superior solution is clearly a combination of solar panels, battery, and a Virtual Power Plant. Panels supply plenty of power while the sun is shining, but you’re still exposed to rising power prices whenever you have to use grid power. The triple combo of panels, battery, and VPP lets you create enough energy to be truly self-sufficient and boosts your savings by creating passive income!

A VPP is a linked network of residential solar batteries that can help provide on-demand support to the grid in times of need. Basically, you and other solar-equipped members of your community help stabilise the grid and receive a premium payment whenever that happens!

How Does it Work?

It boils down to this:

When you have a solar panel and battery system you can use the power you generate all day and night, which drastically reduces your bills.

When you have solar panels, a battery, and a VPP connection you get everything we just listed. Plus you get paid at a premium rate of $0.45/kWh every time your battery is used by the grid!

ShineHub works hard to make sure you always make money when the VPP uses your battery. In fact, the premium payment you receive is higher than the cost of buying power from the grid. So, even if the VPP uses all the power on your battery and you have to use grid power to replace it, you’ll still be financially better off than before. Let’s say the VPP uses 10kWh of your power. You get paid $4.50 plus the feed-in credit, then buy 10kWh from the grid for $2.50. That’s a profit of $2.00 with zero effort required on your part!

Just like Sandra, Louis, Carrol, and Patrick, you can drastically reduce your bills or even send them into credit. We’re not just offering solar power. We’re offering the chance for a better quality of life at a lower cost than your current power bills.

How to Be Energy Self-Sufficient with ShineHub

There are plenty of uncertainties in life, but your energy bill doesn’t have to be one of them. With the help of a panel, battery and VPP solution, the average household can easily become energy self-sufficient by producing, consuming and storing their own power.

Make the best decision you can make for your family. Reach out to one of our experts today and learn how you could become energy self-sufficient for less than the power companies charge you right now!

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