Compare Energy Plans: Find the Best Deal on the Market!

Whether you’re looking for the highest feed-in tariff or the lowest power rates, our Energy Compare tool lets you switch in 30 seconds

Have you ever tried to leave your energy company? Maybe you got sick and tired of paying through the nose, so you worked up the courage and called them to give them the flick. But when you tell them you’re done, you suddenly find they’ve got a better deal to offer you?

A little suspicious, huh!

The fact is, there’s almost always a better deal. But the energy companies prefer to keep you in the dark. Because when you don’t shop around, they profit!

So, what stops us from shopping around to find the best possible deal? Let’s be honest – usually it’s the effort. It can be hard work to search through the marketplace for the best rates and then organise a switch. That’s why we created our ShineHub Energy Compare tool to help you find the best deal and switch in 30 seconds.

Yeah, you read that right. All it takes is 30 seconds to switch from your current provider to one that offers a better deal.

How Does Our Energy Compare Tool Work?

We’ve made everything as simple as possible. All you have to do is enter your postcode, choose the type of plan you’re looking for, and answer a few basic questions. Then you’ll see a ranked list of energy deals available in your area.

You’ll see the estimated cost of the energy plan including any discount on offer. And if you’re looking for a better feed-in tariff, that information is listed just below the price. Just scroll through and find the best power price and feed-in tariff, then click “Switch & Save Today”.

That’s it – you’ve done everything you need to do. Once you make your choice, we’ll organise everything for you. You just sit back, relax, and start saving more money on every bill!

Of course, even though we all want lower power costs, not all customers are the same. If you’re already powering your home with solar, then you probably want to maximise your feed-in tariff. But if you’ve yet to go solar, then finding the best energy rate is the priority.

We designed our Energy Compare tool for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a better power plan or a plan with a higher tariff, we’ve got you covered!

Get the Cheapest Power

How much is your quarterly bill? We’ll give you a minute – go check!

Okay, now we’ll give you another minute to recover.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people are paying way too much for their power! And why? Because power companies know that most people can’t be bothered demanding better. Thankfully, our Energy Compare tool gives you an overview of the marketplace in a matter of seconds.

In just 30 seconds you can find a more affordable power deal and organise your switch. It’s that simple. What else is there to think about?

Well, there is one more thing to think about, especially if your home is powered by solar. Your solar feed-in tariff.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered there too!

Find the Best Solar Feed In Tariff

If your household is powered by solar, then you know the importance of feed-in tariffs. Getting a good feed-in tariff from your energy provider means that you’ll make more money whenever you send energy back to the grid.

For many solar households, this tariff forms a key component of their energy savings. A higher feed-in tariff means more money off your bill – or even the possibility of sending it into credit!

There are regulatory bodies such as IPART that weigh in on what the solar feed-in tariff should be. But these bodies only make recommendations. The energy companies don’t actually have to offer a feed-in tariff at all. These tariffs are decided on a completely voluntary basis. So different companies offer all kinds of different tariffs.

As a result, your feed-in tariff could range from zilch all the way up to more than 10c per kWh. Over the course of a quarter, that can really add up. In fact, if you’re a solar household and your energy retailer doesn’t have a competitive tariff, it’s vital to make a switch. Otherwise, it’s a missed opportunity to maximise your savings.

Never Settle!

You know what the power companies want you to do? Nothing! They want you to accept things the way they are and not look for anything better. Just keep paying your bill and never question anything.

Well, we’re not big fans of the way power companies like to do things. We know you can get a better deal, and we know that’s what you want too. So we’ve cleared the path for you. Now, you can do all your research in a matter of seconds. And we handle all the tricky parts of switching for you.

Don’t pay the power companies more than you have to! Get the deal that’s best for you with nothing more than a click. Try it out today and see how much you stand to save. You might be surprised!

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