ShineHub and Rabbitohs

ShineHub is Now the Official Energy Partner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs!

ShineHub is partnering with the South Sydney Rabbitohs to help the community and raise the profile of renewable energy

Greg Inglis. Clive Churchhill. Harold Horder… ShineHub!

That’s right, sports fans! ShineHub is now playing on the same team as some of rugby league’s all-time greats. We’re excited to announce that ShineHub is now sponsoring the South Sydney Rabbitohs as their official energy partner.

What does this mean?

Well, it means an awful lot! For starters, expect to see ShineHub’s logo popping up on the grounds and during TV broadcasts. But that’s not all. If you’re a rugby fan, you should keep your eye on your inbox and our social media. Because we’ll be running regular competitions with footy tickets up for grabs. You might have the chance to get even closer to the action!

Off the field, we’ll be working with the Rabbitohs’ youth group to help support the local community. ShineHub and the Rabbitohs share a passion for local communities, and we’re committed to making a difference for real people.

It’s about to be an exciting year for ShineHub and South Sydney alike! Want to sign up to the winning team? Use our new system design tool to see how much solar could shave off your power bill!

We’re All Winners!

If you love footy as much as we do, your mind’s probably already swimming with possibilities. Free tickets? Special events? What can you expect?

Well, don’t worry! ShineHub is a team. And if you’re a customer, you’re a valued member of that team.

This partnership is a dream come true for ShineHub footy fanatics! We’ll be running lots of competitions to give you a chance to win all sorts of exciting goodies. If you love the idea of watching the Rabbitohs in action, you’ll love what we’ve got in store for you.

Make sure you’re paying attention to your inbox and our social media. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to score exciting stuff like footy tickets and invites to exclusive Chairman’s Lounge events.

Who knows… you might even have a chance to get behind the scenes and meet some of the players!

Kicking Goals Together

Of course, rugby isn’t the only passion that ShineHub shares with the Rabbitohs. We’re also passionate about working on a community level to help improve the lives of everyday Australians.

We’re thrilled to be lending our support to Souths Cares, the Rabbitohs’ not-for-profit benevolent association. Souths Cares has long been working within the local community to address social need throughout South Sydney.

Souths Cares has made it their mission to help provide support for marginalised and disadvantaged young people and their families. They have launched a huge number of programs targeting education, health, employment, and training needs. From the Deadly Youth Mentoring Program to their successful HSC Training Program, Souths Cares is giving young people the help they need to step boldly into the future.

ShineHub shares that passion for community. And we believe in helping people step into a better future. Whether that means helping everyday people maximise their energy savings, protecting our environment from damaging fossil fuel mining, or supporting youth programs that help to foster future generations! We can’t wait to really roll our sleeves up and help Souths Cares in their mission.

Send Grid Energy to the Sin Bin

ShineHub and the Rabbitohs have a common enemy! Well… two actually, if you count those bloody Bulldogs.

But we’re also against anyone who exploits everyday Aussies for profit. That’s why ShineHub is helping people give power companies the flick!

ShineHub solar solutions empower you to cut your grid energy usage way down. With our Solar Affordability Plan, you can slash your energy costs and take control over how you use your power in your home. All while protecting our precious natural resources for future generations.

There’s a reason the Rabbitohs and ShineHub are on the same team. We’re fighting for the same future. A future that’s fairer, cleaner, and more sustainable. It’s a future where real people have the power, not big energy companies. And, most importantly, it’s a future where the Bulldogs never win another premiership.

Game on, ShineHub!

Ready to join the team? Design and order your system online !

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