To our valued customers and community,

The last 8 months have been particularly challenging. First, the summer of bushfires. Immediately followed by the COVID-19 pandemic which has impacted us all in unexpected ways. But it has not extinguished the Aussie spirit.

The most inspiring thing we are seeing in the face of disaster is how people are working together to bring back the spirit of camaraderie. Australians are going above and beyond to help those in need within their local community. If we can, we are staying at home to keep everyone safe. Even if it feels a little boring, we're doing our best to protect others, and especially protect those in essential services. We are finding new solutions, together. This is what we need moving forward; not just recovery, but the opportunity to build a thriving, sustainable society.

Since lockdown, major cities all around the world are reporting drastic reductions in pollution; from smoggy to crystal clear skies, thanks to the decrease of fossil fuels to power our lives. As we rebuild the economy post-COVID. we need to keep those skies clear and bring our economy back. And with home energy use increasing as more people spend time at home, it is more important than ever to keep energy costs affordable.

That's where ShineHub comes in.

Since we started the business nearly 4 years ago, It's grown with one intention in mind: to make solar and batteries affordable for everyday Australians by bringing the solar process into the online sphere. Without knowing it, we'd already built a company designed for COVID from the start. Though our staff have moved to remote work, our overall process is unchanged.

ShineHub's Installations continue to be available, as trade work is considered an essential service, which means we're increasing local jobs in more Australian communities. Our solar consultations are held over the phone or via webinar. We use advanced satellite sun and shading analysis to remotely figure out where your solar panels go. We build a software system that allows you to purchase, track and manage your order online. We install cloud-based energy monitoring, free of charge, so that we can answer any questions remotely after installation, without having to physically come to your property.

In terms of safety, installers are equipped with face masks, gloves, and a COVID-19 specific installation plan. Panels and batteries are installed outside (or sometimes in the garage), so there is very little (if any) need for you to physically interact with the installation teams if you prefer not to. After installation, our tech support team can walk you through monitoring your new system remotely as well.

Solar and batteries have the ability to cut your electricity bills by 90% or more and keep those cost stable for the future. Furthermore, our blackout protection is income protection, so you can remain sustainable even if your neighbourhood loses power.

During COVID-19, ShineHub can provide more Australians with energy certainty and ensure you have access to power you can rely on, no matter what's happening in the world.

All our best,

Alex Georgiou and the ShineHub team.

Here's what customers are
asking us right now

Yes. ShineHub operations have been minimally affected as the construction industry is considered an essential service. Our office staff are now working from home, installation teams are equipped with masks and gloves, and we're practicing social distancing during every installation. Conveniently, most of the solar equipment is installed on the outside of the house which means homeowner-installer contact is avoidable.

Blackouts are becoming more and more regular throughout Australia and it couldn't be at a worse time. For people working from home, having a blackout could mean losing out on income during a crisis. ShineHub can help with that by installation a solar battery solution so you can have power during a blackout, keep your food fresh, laptop charged, and the wifi working.

ShineHub has always carried out over the phone quotes with great results. We use new technology that allows us to see how many panels can fit on your roof, as well as areas affected by seasonal shade, as we review your home in all four seasons. During the grid application and installation process, we’ll also ask you to take a few photos on your phone for further accuracy, which are texted or emailed to us. We take care of the rest.

Yes. ShineHub is South Australia’s #1 battery provider for a reason. We have a proven history of reducing customer bills to as close to $0 as possible. Some of our clients even benefit from an account that's in credit! You can read some of our customer case studies here.

Of course - there are a variety of $0 deposit plans available so that you can use your electricity bill savings to pay for the solar system. It's especially important now that people are using a lot more energy by staying at home. Instead of paying higher and higher electricity bills you can switch to solar power on a monthly payment and get control over your monthly energy costs.

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