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South Australia, the Government won’t give you a free solar system anymore, but we will! In fact, our scheme is available now and will save even more money!

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Invest in a Solar System

Top quality solar and battery systems at unbeatable community rates. Together, we all benefit.

Free Access, Fixed Rate

Get a solar and battery system installed for free. Only pay for the energy it produces at a low fixed rate. Learn more

Pay off a Solar System

Starting at $35/week for solar and battery systems – cheaper than your current bills! Learn more

The Fixed Rate, Free Access Solar Plan

Exclusively available with the SA Community Solar Program

With the Fixed Rate, Free Access Solar Plan you can have solar panels and a battery installed at your place for free, you just pay for the energy it makes at a low, fixed rate! You can instantly lower your energy costs by 20% to 30%, the rate never changes going forward, and you can have power during a grid blackout. Learn more here.

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