Mitcham Community Renewables Program

Commercial solar bulk buy
for businesses

Save on energy costs by getting solar for your business

With energy prices increasing, getting solar panels and a battery installed could help you save on energy costs to run your business. 

If you are interested in participating in a future Mitcham business solar bulk buy to get affordable solar panel and battery solutions for your business, please leave your details below and we’ll be in contact when our 2023/24 Commercial Bulk Buy event schedule has been confirmed.

We have solar solutions to suit any size business. 

To find out more about ShineHub commercial solutions visit our website.  

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To find out how Mitcham Council is already helping residents transition to renewable solar energy to power their home, visit the Mitcham Community Renewables Program residential page

Why ShineHub?

ShineHub was selected through a rigorous tender process using an independent expert panel. This extensive process considered due diligence information, legal advice and a detailed assessment of ShineHub’s finances and company structure.

By collaborating with ShineHub we can connect our residents and business with an experienced renewable energy company that is the number one installer of SA solar battery solutions.

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