Mitcham Solar Bulk Buy is now open!

Pre-order online to secure your offer.

The SA Government recently announced they are winding down the battery subsidy of up to $2,000 once the current subsidies are claimed. Pre-order your system online and upload photos from around your home to get first access to be able to secure your subsidy.

Mitcham Solar Bulk Buy Launch Event

The first events on 15 June booked out within 24 hours. If the current events are booked out, keep in mind that we will release a video recording of that event around 2 July.

Register for a community event

Get exclusive access to the Mitcham bulk buy discounts, learn about the benefits of solar and hear about the long term vision of the program from the Mayor herself.

How does the subsidy work?

The SA Gov battery subsidy of up to $2,000 acts as a discount when you go ahead with a battery package. To claim your subsidy as well as the Mitcham discount, follow the following steps:

Limited subsides remaining

The South Australia Home Battery Scheme is winding up whenever the remaining subsidies are claimed. We estimate that will be sometime in early July, but there are no guarantees and they could go much sooner. There are over 1,762 registered for the Mitcham Bulk Buy, so we need to act fast to ensure you receive the government assistance you deserve.

How to secure your subsidy

Pre-order your system online

Browse the Mitcham Bulk Buy offers, see upfront and $0 deposit pricing, and pick the system that’s best for you. This is a no obligation or commitment at this stage.

If you are unsure which system to pick, select the one you are most likely to get and we can always fine tune it later, once we have had a look at your roof and energy bills.

Upload photos and documents to the ShineHub portal

Once you have placed your order you’ll be prompted to take a few photos and upload them to the portal.

This allows our team to do a complete system design so that we can secure your subsidy at the event, or over the phone afterwards.

Secure your subsidy.

Whether you come to an event or we follow up with a phone call afterwards, we’ll walk you through your order individually to ensure each you get the right solution for your needs.

Then we’ll help you confirm your battery subsidy on the SA Government website.

If you can’t make the event

Pre-order online through the Mitcham + ShineHub portal and we will be in touch after the event. We’ll be first serving event attendees and then we’ll process all orders that have been submitted online with their photos uploaded.

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