Mitcham Community Renewables Program

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Mitcham is Leading the Charge

Facing energy challenges, Mitcham partnered with ShineHub to launch the Community Renewables Program, replacing big energy with local, solar-powered solutions.

The Community Virtual Power Plant (VPP), which networks individual solar batteries and community batteries to support the grid during stress periods. Watch the video to learn more!

Achievements to date and planned future developments

2022 Bulk Buy

500+ signups and 2 power plants on the VPP

2023 Bulk Buy

260+ signups and 1 more power plant offset

Large Scale Batteries & EV Chargers

EV Chargers and two Large Scale Batteries in 2023

Mitcham Community Energy Plan

A game-changing solar community!

In the quest for sustainability, the Mitcham community has now offset a total of three power plants, pushing the boundaries of what a community can achieve.

The City of Mitcham is no longer just a city; it’s a beacon of inspiration for the nation. As we endeavour to add more chapters to our success story with community batteries, a Mitcham exclusive virtual power plant, and electric vehicle chargers, we move closer to transforming the city into a self-sustaining power hub.

James - Case study

James, a resident of the Mitcham Council area shares his personal journey towards energy independence.

Faced with rising living costs and power prices, they decide to invest in a battery, making their solar panel system more efficient and cost-effective.

James expresses their excitement about joining the Virtual Power Plant where he sells his extra power back to the grid, helping neighbour’s with power during grid stress, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and earning extra income for himself.

How much did they save?

Watch as five proud homeowners share their experiences with the program and how they are saving on their bills while being part of the local Virtual Power Plant. See how much their solar panel and battery system saved them on their bills!

The 750+ customers that already signed up combine to make a local virtual power plant equal to three fossil fuel power plants.

Event sneak peak!

Welcome to Mitcham’s largest solar event! Explore the latest in solar panel and battery technology, as well as exclusive bulk buy discounts! Meet our solar experts, hear from the Mayor herself about the long-term vision for the program, explore the benefits of going solar and learn all about the Mitcham Virtual Power Plant!

Take a look at what you can expect for the next Solar Bulk Buy event at Mitcham!

Why ShineHub?

ShineHub was selected through a rigorous tender process using an independent expert panel. This extensive process considered due diligence information, legal advice and a detailed assessment of ShineHub’s finances and company structure.

By collaborating with ShineHub we can connect our residents with an experienced renewable energy company that is the number one installer of SA solar battery solutions.

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