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We Help You Make Money From Your
Home Solar Battery

On days of peak-power demand, Australian power companies have to fire-up expensive fossil fuel power plants to make more electricity. These demand spikes drive up the cost for everyone (and they’re also terrible for the environment).

What if they could instead draw power from another source that’s clean, available and totally renewable? With your home battery being part of our Virtual Power Plant, the grid can get instant on-demand green power from the group of battery owners (and pay you a premium for it). This also helps prevent blackouts because the power is sourced directly from the community rather than having to go through long poles and wires.

If you’ve got a compatible battery system at home or are looking to get one as part of our NSW virtual power plant launch, we can help you make a profit from it.

Introducing the ShineHub
Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

ShineHub’s ground-breaking technology puts the power to
share in your hands.

Using our free online app you can easily join a virtual power plant in your area – and start enjoying extra savings from your solar battery. Other providers do this, but you have to buy expensive equipment and often, be tied into a long-term contract.

With ShineHub, it’s $0 cost to join, leave anytime.

Start maximising the benefit of having solar at home with us by generating $0.45/kWh* + your solar feed in tariff for battery power sent to the grid from our VPP.

How Does It Work?

Our software makes your battery power available to the grid operator Ausgrid to use when needed. Whenever your battery power is discharged for the VPP, any power that goes back onto the grid earns you a premium payment of $0.45/kWh* from ShineHub + your standard solar feed in tariff from your electricity provider.

You can be with whatever electricity retailer you want and can change retailers at any time without affecting your participation in the ShineHub NSW Virtual Power Plant.

On top of that, you can feel great knowing that you are supporting your community and helping prove that virtual power plants are a great way to move off of fossil fuels and towards 100% renewable energy!

Local Energy, Local Support

During local or national emergencies, the energy grid becomes stressed. Dirty power plants are often used to offset the gaps in energy during these dire moments, which harms the natural environment.

Virtual Power Plants create local, clean energy to support the grid, providing optional energy protection during blackouts and other major energy incidents. By choosing VPPs, you can rest easy knowing that your home and your community is protected, no matter the situation, all year round.

Connect My Battery

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Be A Part Of A Better Future

You've already cut your bills with solar and batteries - now support others in your community and earn a bit of extra money in the process.

Connect My Battery *This offer is subject to terms & conditions which can be found here.