New AlphaESS 13kWh Solar Battery - Limited Stock!

VIC rebate slashes up to 50%* of the cost

If you’ve got solar panels, you save while the sun is shining. But if you don’t have a battery, you’re giving power away when you aren’t using it. Worst of all, you’re forced to rely on pricey grid power at night – even if your panels generated plenty of power during the day! All the extra goes to waste.

Keep the power you generate and use it day and night! By installing a battery, you get to use all of your power, rarely paying for costly grid energy. The VIC rebate cuts 50% off the cost of your battery up to $4,174* making it cheaper than ever before to add a battery.

Stop bleeding power and start saving money! Click below to see if you qualify for the rebate!

Battery Benefits

Cut your electricity bills up to 90% or more

As solar feed-in credits decline, adding a battery is a great way to keep your bills down.

10-Year Warranty

Comprehensive 10-year battery performance warranty with 15+ year design life.

Have power during a blackout

Have fresh food, cold beer, and a TV running during a blackout by using power from your battery.

Free battery performance monitoring

Cloud-based energy monitoring included so you can see exactly how your battery is performing.


Get real savings with ShineHub. As seen on 7NEWS.

Getting a solar battery is now affordable and could cut your bills by up to 90% or more.

If you’ve wanted a battery but the cost was too high, now is the time to look again. The recent release of the Alpha ESS battery makes adding a battery to your solar panels financially viable in most cases. Watch this video to see how our customer Tony Devos did it.


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Getting Up and Running

Adding Panels

Our engineering team will create a 3D model of your house, which includes:

Shading modeling,
Energy usage review
Panel placement simulations
Performance review

Adding A Battery

We will analyse your past electricity bills to make sure you will be able to charge up the battery. If this cannot be achieved, we recommend you get a smaller battery or add additional solar panels to your system.

Design Approval & Installation Plan

We will always confirm the design with you before proceeding. Upon sign-off, we will make the plan for installation, which is sent to your installer via the shinehub installer app.

During Installation

The installer will upload photos in the app and also connects your ‘free for life’ energy monitoring system. 

Once Installation Is Complete

Our engineering team will review the system installation photos and system performance via the energy monitoring app to ensure everything has been set-up properly and according to plan. 

Real Time Monitoring

You will also gain free access to an app where you can see exactly how much solar power vs. grid power is being used in real time. This way you can track your consumption to make sure you are getting the maximum savings by using as little grid power as possible.  

Don't just take our
word for it!

Great savings to be made by installing a battery from ShineHub, ours as of yesterday (First day) provided us with a credit as we sent 14.4 Kva back to the grid and drew ZERO from the grid. Can not be happier, better than expected, not to mention we had the air conditioner on all day/night too.

Vic Rejman

The installation was great, no fuss the crew worked professionally and the system fired up perfectly I power my whole home including hot water and haven’t used any grid power since the battery charges fully even on overcast days.

Greg Drinkwater

Phone: 1800 898 381


Contractors License Number: 305473C

ABN: 72614356302​

*Subsidies cannot be guaranteed. Each subsidy has its own qualification criteria that must be met in order to secure it. Households may qualify for only a portion of the subsidy.