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Make Sure You Have
The Energy You Need
During Times of Crisis

It’s difficult to know how you and your family can best prepare during times of crisis. Instead of fretting about paying too much for electricity or how blackouts can make your food go bad, consider getting a solar panel and battery solution that can cut your bills by 90% or more.

If you join our Virtual Power Plant, you’ll also get a $2,000 battery discount~ along with being paid a premium for any battery power that’s used to support your community.

Whether you have solar panels already or want a complete panel + battery solution, we can help you make a profit from it.

Introducing the ShineHub
Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

ShineHub’s ground-breaking technology puts the power to
share in your hands.

Using our free online app you can easily join a virtual power plant in your area – and start enjoying
extra savings from your solar battery. Other providers do this, but you have to buy expensive equipment
and often, be tied into a long-term contract.

With ShineHub, it’s $0 cost to join, leave anytime.

How Does It Work?

Our software monitors your power usage and spare capacity 24/7 and pays you a benefit if we draw power from your batteries.

We’ve set up our virtual power plant you can be with any electricity provider you want and you are always making money every time your
battery is discharged for the virtual power plant. This is quite unlike other offers where you have to be with one electricity provider,
they can draw all your power, provide a small payment around $0.10/kWh, and make you pay full rates at night time.

With the ShineHub Community Virtual Power Plant you get $0.45/kWh for all battery power sent back to the grid + the normal solar feed in tariff
from your chosen electricity retailer.

We're Helping
Everyday Australians To
Harvest The Sun

According to the World Energy Council, “…the total annual solar radiation falling on the earth is more than 7, 500 times the world’s total annual primary energy consumption of 450 Exa Joules”.

That’s a HUGE amount of available power that’ll never run out.

At ShineHub, we’re helping whole communities of Australians to take advantage of clean, renewable solar energy. Through our community solar programs (bulk-buy solar deals in your suburb) and our Virtual Power Plants, we’re changing the way Aussies get access to electricity.

Solar and batteries are a fantastic investment in your family’s energy future, but joining a community VPP takes that advantage to a whole new level. 70,000 homeowners are expected to get a battery installed this year, so when are you getting yours?

Feel Confident in Your Power
Supply In Just 3 Steps

Peace-of-mind power is closer than you think!

1Fill in our expression of interest form online

2We’ll get in touch to confirm your eligibility, design your battery solution, and organise your installation.

3Enjoy lower bills and the positive feeling of giving back to your community.

If you don’t live in South Australia, don’t worry. There are other states coming online soon.
soon. Just register with us and we’ll let you know when it’s available via email updates.

Make The Move To Solar + Batteries Today

Ready to create a stable energy supply for your family home? Book in a
consultation with one of our solar experts to work out the perfect solar
and/or battery system for your home and show you how you can start saving
money from the moment it’s installed.

^South Australia Home Battery Scheme subsidy is subject to eligibility criteria and is subject to change by the South Australian government. ShineHub is not responsible for any subsidy amount, application, or eligibility changes by the South Australian government.

~ShineHub VPP Battery subsidy of $2,000 is only valid if the customer signs up to one of ShineHub’s virtual power plant offers. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Full terms and conditions can be found here: