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We Help You Make Money From Your
Home Solar Battery

On days of peak-power demand, Australian power companies have to fire-up expensive fossil fuel power plants to make more electricity. These demand spikes drive up the cost for everyone (and they’re also terrible for the environment).

What if they could instead draw power from another source that’s clean, available and totally renewable? With your home battery being part of our Virtual Power Plant, the power companies can get instant on-demand green power from the group of battery owners (and pay you a premium for it).

If you’ve got a compatible battery system at home or are looking to get one as part of our SA virtual power plant launch, we can help you make a profit from it.

Introducing the ShineHub
Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

ShineHub’s ground-breaking technology puts the power to
share in your hands.

Using our free online app you can easily join a virtual power plant in your area – and start enjoying extra savings from your solar battery. Other providers do this, but you have to buy expensive equipment and often, be tied into a long-term contract.

With ShineHub, it’s $0 cost to join, leave anytime.

Start maximising the benefit of having solar at home with us by generating yourself a yearly benefit of up to $300^.

How Does It Work?

Our software monitors your power usage and spare capacity 24/7, and pays you a benefit if Powershop (our energy retail partner) draws power from your batteries.

We’ve set up our virtual power plant so that you’re always making money every time your battery is discharged for the virtual power plant. This is quite unlike other offers where the provider can draw all your power, provide a small payment around $0.10/kWh, and then make you pay full rates at night time.

Even if your battery is fully drained with the ShineHub VPP, you’ll still be better off with ShineHub as you’ll get between $0.379/kWh to $7.07/kWh for your power (this is the VPP payment + the normal $0.10/kWh solar feed in payment).

We've Made It Easy To Pay For Too

There are a few different ways you can pay for your new solar energy solution.
All pricing below includes GST and assumes you participate in the SA Virtual Power Plant and are among the next 1,500 participants eligible for discounted battery pricing. Click here for the offer terms and conditions.

Purchase outright

pay around



Great if you have money spare or can draw down against your mortgage.


pay around



This is our most popular option in SA. $0 deposit and fixed monthly payments with a money back performance guarantee so you only pay when everything’s working.

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We're Helping
Everyday Australians To Harvest The Sun

According to the World Energy Council, “ …the total annual solar radiation falling on the earth is more than 7, 500 times the world’s total annual primary energy consumption of 450 Exa Joules”.

That’s a HUGE amount of available power that’ll never run out.

At ShineHub, we’re helping whole communities of Australians to take advantage of clean, renewable solar energy. Through our community solar programs (bulk-buy solar deals in your suburb), lease-to-own solar systems and our Virtual Power Plants, we’re changing the way Aussies get access to electricity.

Solar and batteries are a fantastic investment in your family’s energy future, but joining a community VPP takes that advantage to a whole new level. 70,000 homeowners are expected to get a battery installed this year, so when are you getting yours?

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Join Now And Start Making Extra
Money In Just 3 Steps

Becoming part of the renewable energy revolution is simple.

1 Fill in our expression of interest form online

2 We’ll get in touch to confirm your eligibility, design your battery solution, and organise your installation.

3 Switch your energy provider to Powershop (our retail energy partner for the Virtual Power Plant program) and sign up to their Charge Force Plan

If you don’t live in Victoria or South Australia, don’t worry, there are other states coming online with ShineHub
soon. Just register with us and we’ll let you know when it’s available in our regular email updates.

Join a VPP today and

Just $4.70/day To Keep Your Bills At Bay

Getting involved in the clean energy revolution is easy – just leave your details below and we’ll contact you about being part of the phase two VPP offer in SA for a 5kW panel system + 10kWh Alpha ESS battery for around $4.70/day*

  ^Based on average medium sized battery with a power output of ~5kW using Australian Energy Market Operator pricing data from 2018/19 *The lease to own product is provided by GTL Renewable. Prices shown are for 10 year lease-to-own plan which is an electricity services product provided by GTL Renewable PTY LTD of Suite 1, Level 1, 530 Botany Road, Alexandria NSW 2015, under the Australian Energy Regulator Retail Exemption, class R8, effective from 28/4/2016, reference R0451/16. Full information is available here. There are no application fees or account keeping fees. ShineHub is a licensed agent under GTL Renewable to offer the 10 year lease to own product to the market.