Do You Qualify for a Battery Subsidy?


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Long Life Span & Modular Design

Power your home with sunshine day and night for years to come thanks to a long 8,000-cycle lifespan. 

And if you need to add more oomph later on, you can!  Alpha’s innovative, plug-and-play design means you can just install an extra battery for more storage.

Blackout Protection & Load Protection

Sick of all your food spoiling every time there’s a blackout? Opt for blackout protection and keep your essentials running while the rest of the block goes dark! 

Get the neighbours around to watch TV, charge their phones, and share a cold one fresh from the fridge! Even when the grid fails!

Our Promise
10-Year Battery Warranty & Maintenance

Our solar solutions just work. And if they don’t, we’ve got you covered! Enjoy total peace of mind thanks to a 10-year performance warranty. 

You’ll power your home with solar all day, all night knowing that if the system doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, we’ll fix it for you!

Recognised Industry-Leader

AlphaESS has been recognised as a Top Brand by Germany based EUPD Research, reflecting their place at the forefront of the solar battery industry.

For more than 20 years, EUPD Research has been performing cutting-edge market research in PV batteries and energy storage. Their independent, data-driven assessments help consumers navigate the world of battery storge.

13kWh Alpha ESS Specifications
Real Aussies, Real Savings

“When the grid drops our friends know to come over and bring their beer, we will have an operating fridge and TV.”


“Amazing, since installing my system along with battery we have received our first credit… Highly recommend ShineHub”


“I got $157.00 up to $200.00 on credit every power bill I got, that is every month”

Subsidies won't last!

Subsidies have already dropped from $6,000 and will only drop further. Secure your battery now to lock it in at the best price!

Phone: 1800 898 381


Contractors License Number: 305473C

ABN: 72614356302​

*Subsidies cannot be guaranteed. Each subsidy has its own qualification criteria that must be met in order to secure it. Households may qualify for only a portion of the subsidy.