Winaico 270W

The toughest Tier 1 panels on the market paired with one of the best warranties in the industry.

Ideal For:

If you want durability and peace of mind above all, Winaico solar panels should be at or near the top of your list. You can literally drive a car over these panels, and they're backed up by an impressive 15-year product warranty and a 2-year insurance and performance guarantee that covers the entire system (including inverters and batteries). They aren't exceptionally cheap or efficient, but if you have ample roof space and don't mind paying for a rock solid panel, Winaico is a great choice.


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  • Warranty Production: 25 Year
  • Warranty Product: 15 Year
  • Temperature Coefficient: N/A
  • Salt Resistance: N/A
  • Hail Resistance: N/A
  • Wind Load: N/A
  • Snow Load: N/A
  • Low Light Performance: N/A
  • Power Tolerance: -5% to +5%
  • Temperature Coefficient: N/A


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