Trina 300W

The most popular brand of solar panel in Australia, delivering great value and quality for the price

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Trina products offer a terrific combination of price and quality, and their high-efficiency monocrystalline panels deliver some of the best bang for your buck on the market. They've got a long track record of reliable performance under Aussie conditions, and they're highly rated for protection against hail and snow as well. Trina is hard to beat for overall value, which is a big reason why it's become one of the top solar brands in Australia.


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  • Warranty Production: 25 Year
  • Warranty Product: 10 Year
  • Temperature Coefficient: N/A
  • Salt Resistance: N/A
  • Hail Resistance: 25mm at 97km/h
  • Wind Load: 2400 Pa
  • Snow Load: 5400 Pa
  • Low Light Performance: N/A
  • Power Tolerance: 0 to +3%
  • Temperature Coefficient: N/A


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