Suntech 270W

An efficient polycrystalline panel with a great warranty - and Aussie roots.

Ideal For:

Suntech panels deliver better-than-average efficiency for a polycrystalline panel as well as reliable performance. They also feature a 12-year product warranty, offering a bit more peace of mind than the 10-year warranties that are standard in the industry. While they aren't the cheapest panels you can buy, they're quite popular in Australia - perhaps due in part to their roots in University of NSW's solar engineering program.


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270W Poly
  • Warranty Production: 25Years
  • Warranty Product: 12Years
  • Temperature Coefficient: N/A
  • Salt Resistance: N/A
  • Hail Resistance: N/A
  • Wind Load: 3800 Pa
  • Snow Load: 5400 Pa
  • Low Light Performance: N/A
  • Power Tolerance: 0 to +3%
  • Temperature Coefficient: N/A


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