Opal 270W

If you want cheap solar, Opal makes the least expensive Tier 1-quality panels on the market.

Ideal For:

Just because you've got a tight budget doesn't mean you have to settle for dodgy solar panels. Opal offers a discount-priced product with similar performance to a true Tier 1 panel, along with a 12-year product/25-year production warranty. However, they don't perform as well as other panels under challenging conditions, which may be a concern if you live in a particularly hot or windy area.


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  • Warranty Production: 25 Year
  • Warranty Product: 12 Year
  • Temperature Coefficient: N/A
  • Salt Resistance: N/A
  • Hail Resistance: 25mm at 82.8km/h
  • Wind Load: 2400 Pa
  • Snow Load: 5400 Pa
  • Low Light Performance: N/A
  • Power Tolerance: 0 to +3%
  • Temperature Coefficient: N/A


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