Kehua 5kW

Great value standard solar panel inverter packed with high end features

Ideal For:

The Kehua SPI-B2 series solar inverters are perfect for the majority of residential solar panel installations due to their reliability, efficiency, and online energy monitoring. The 10 year warranty Kehua offers through the ShineHub marketplace leads the industry, with most companies offering 5 year warranties. It also boasts a compact design with a modern look and feel so it looks great when mounted on the wall.


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  • AC Output: 5000.0000
  • Minimum DC Input: null
  • Maximum DC Input: 6750.0000
  • Battery Voltage: No
  • Phases: Single
  • IP Rating: 65
  • Hybrid: No
  • Blackout Protection: No
  • Reposit Compatible: No
  • Cloud Monitoring: No


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