Fronius Hybrid Inverter (3-phase)

The best choice - and currently your only choice - for a standalone three-phase hybrid inverter.

Ideal For:

Fronius's Symo Hybrid product is the only hybrid inverter on the Australian market that's capable of handling three-phase setups, so it's your best choice if you need to supply power to heavy-duty appliances and are considering adding a battery down the track. However, Sonnen offers an integrated three-phase all-in-one system with a battery and inverter that offers better bang for your buck if you're looking to add battery storage right away.


Symo Hybrid 5.0-3-S
  • AC Output (W): 4,600
  • Minimum DC Input: 200V
  • Maximum DC Input: 100V
  • Battery Voltage: N/A
  • Phases: Three
  • Battery Voltage: N/A
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Hybrid: Yes
  • Blackout Protection: No
  • Reposit Compatible: Yes
  • Cloud Monitoring: Yes

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