ABB 3-Phase Inverters

European-made standard inverters, best for large solar panel-only systems and three-phase homes.

Ideal For:

ABB is one of the world's top electricity grid developers, so it's no surprise that its inverter products are best-suited for big projects. It makes standard inverters that are a good match for large, solar panel-only installations, particularly three-phase setups built to handle heavy-duty appliances. On the other hand, ABB inverters are usually not the best choice for average-sized, on-grid hybrid solar systems. And like other standard inverters, they won't be able to handle both solar and a battery system, so you should consider other options if you want to add battery storage now or in the future.


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  • AC Output: 10000.0000
  • Minimum DC Input: 360.0000
  • Maximum DC Input: 900.0000
  • Battery Voltage: No
  • Phases: Single
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Hybrid: No
  • Blackout Protection: No
  • Reposit Compatible: No
  • Cloud Monitoring: No


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