Redflow ZCell

An Aussie-designed battery for industrial, off-grid, and niche applications - not home storage.

Ideal For:

Redflow's flow battery technology features zinc-bromine chemistry, in contrast to the lithium ion batteries that are used in the vast majority of home battery storage systems. While the company hopes this unique design will offer advantages for certain types of off-grid applications like telecommunications installations, it has acknowledged that it won't be able to compete in the mainstream residential market for the foreseeable future. Thus, Redflow doesn't make sense for homeowners right now, even if you want to give an early-stage Aussie-made technology a go.


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  • Total Capacity: 10.0000
  • Usable Capacity: 10.0000
  • IP Rating: null
  • Warranty: 10
  • Voltage: 57.0000
  • C Rating (Continuous): 0.3C
  • C Rating (Surge): 0.5C/30 minutes
  • Rated Cycles: 3000.0000


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