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Select Your Solar or Battery Package

Adding panels, a battery, or a panel and battery system, could help you save up to 90% or more off your energy bills. As a One Big Switch member, you can enjoy your exclusive member discounts of up to $2,000 from our full range of options.

Solar Panels

If you just want daytime power saving

$1,000 Discount^

Solar Panel & Batteries

If you're completely new to solar & you want solar energy for day & night

$2,000 Discount^

Our Most Popular Option

Solar Batteries

If you've already got a panel & you want to use solar energy at night, too

$1,000 Discount^

Introducing the ShineHub Virtual Power Plant

Get extra savings & support your community

Our virtual power plant app, or VPP, allows the energy grid to draw power from household batteries when it needs extra energy. By allowing the grid to use the energy saved in your battery, you get a premium credit for that, anywhere between $0.379/kWh up to a whopping $7.05/kWh.

Even if your battery is drained for the VPP and you use grid power at night, you are still financially better off because your premium payment is always higher than the price of grid electricity. Read more detail about VPP earnings here.

By joining our VPP you are helping reduce the grid’s reliance on peak-use gas power plants, reducing the amount of local blackouts, and paving the way for a 100% renewable energy future. More detail on this is available in this blog post.

Replacing Big Energy With Community Solar

An energy solution for everyone

At ShineHub, we’re building community-powered solar solutions to enable the transition to locally powered, affordable renewable energy for everyone. We do that by reducing your barriers to getting into solar with our solar marketplace, driving down the cost with bulk-order pricing, and making it easy to join a community virtual power plant.

ShineHub makes it easy to understand if solar is the right option for you.

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Why Choose ShineHub?

Customer Focused

Customers love the helpful advice and incredible value they’ve gotten from us (just see our reviews)

Local Experts

Each of our recommended solar companies are local businesses that are experienced, vetted, and have completed extra battery installation training.

Smarter Software

From order tracking for your solar installation to free Virtual Power Plant apps, we’re innovating like no other solar industry company in Australia.

Quality & Transparency

Enjoy peace of mind with free energy monitoring and a comprehensive installation review by our expert in house solar engineering team.

Join Your Solar Community In 5 easy Steps


Get in touch with us below and we’ll call you to have a chat about your energy savings goals


Our solar experts will create a tailored solution that suits your needs and our in-house engineers will confirm the specification and sign-off for Quality Assurance


We’ll arrange with an approved ShineHub local installer to book in the installation


Your system will get installed, tested and certified, with full hand-over instructions and warranty information


We'll set up your online monitoring app so you can see in real-time what your system is generating

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