Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Solar and Battery System

If done properly, solar will be the best investment you ever make. A one-time payment can practically eliminate your future energy costs, significantly increase the value of your home and drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

“Don’t you just love it when your electricity bill arrives?” 
Said no one ever. 

Imagine a life where you never had to worry about bill shock ever again. You can live the home lifestyle you want and rest easy that you’re using your own power day and night. Well, that’s the life that solar and batteries has to offer!

If done properly, solar can be the best investment you ever make. A one-time payment can practically eliminate your future energy costs, significantly increase the value of your home and drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

Many things unite us as Australians, but nothing quite like our collective loathing of big fat energy bills.

We’ve found that Aussie bill-loathers can usually be categorised into one of three camps:
1) The “Grin and Bearers” – those who cop their big bills on the chin, whilst also storing up a huge rage-bubble destined to blow someday.
2) The “Grumble and Groaners” – those who practice the cathartic method of venting their spleen about energy prices at any given opportunity.
3) The Smart Ones – those doing something about it.

The fact that you’re even reading this article means you’re well and truly on the path to joining The Smart Ones. The first step is getting the facts. 

Our solar engineers have put their heads together and come up with their top 5 reasons that buying a solar and battery system outright is a great way to go:

Fact 1: Solar and battery systems can reduce your energy bills by up to 90%
Solar and battery systems can instantly cut your electricity bills by up to 90%. recently featured one of our customers, David, who has managed to reduce his monthly bills to $3.79! In order to fully benefit from solar, systems must be designed and installed properly. ShineHub custom designs all of our solar systems, depending on your energy usage and the position of your roof. So, if you’ve heard a solar horror story, it’s more than likely that a shonky operator has used a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Fact 2: Solar can add a huge amount of value to your home
Some of the latest research suggests that houses with sustainability features such as solar systems sell for 10% more than other homes. So, if your house is valued at $500,000, you could be adding over $50,000 in value to your home. Sounds like a good deal to us – install solar and instantly make a profit!

Fact 3: The dead money you spend on energy bills can be used to invest in solar instead
The average payback time for a solar and battery system with ShineHub is 5-7 years. So, you have two options – continue to pay dead money to Big Energy, or use the same money to invest in your future self-sustainability and savings! Plus, with long warranty periods (25-years for panels and 10-years for batteries) you can rest assured that no unexpected costs will be coming your way.

Fact 4: There’s nothing sweeter than self-sufficiency
Energy bills are a never ending cycle of frustration – but the good news is you can do something about it. With solar, one upfront payment allows you to take control of your power for good. Our current customers are getting some serious satisfaction from generating, owning and using their own solar power!

Fact 5: Solar and battery technology is more affordable than ever
Our top quality solar and battery systems start at just $10,799 – significantly less than what most people expect. ShineHub uses an innovative ‘solar marketplace’ model to compare all the best technology options available and bring down the price of solar and battery systems for everyday Australians, and you can always start small and add to it over time.

Still not entirely convinced? We get it. Making any sort of upfront investment can be daunting. But, when it comes to going solar – the logic adds up and so do the numbers.

If you’re ready to become one of The Smart Ones choosing cheaper, cleaner and smarter energy – click here to schedule a time for a phone consultation.

Alex Georgiou
Alex Georgiou

Alex is a home energy expert with experience across virtually every area of the industry, ranging from energy efficiency and smart home gear to the latest solar and battery technologies. As co-founder of ShineHub, he is responsible for delivering the best digital experience in the industry for customers as well as managing customer-facing communications.

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