Want a free solar and battery system? Don't wait two years for Elon, just talk to ShineHub!

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Feb 27, 2018

Tesla and the SA Government announced a plan where you can get a free solar and battery system - the only problem is that it's not available for most homes until late 2019. Here's how you can get a better deal on a similar package right now.

Have you heard the news? The South Australian Government has announced a new partnership with Tesla in which households can get a free solar and battery system in order to instantly reduce their power bills. There’s just a few small problems for homeowners:

1. The Government's partnership with Tesla won't be available until July 2019 
2. At the moment, the scheme is only being trialed with Housing Trust homes
3. Let's face it, big overseas companies don't always have our local community interests at heart

"If only an Aussie company was offering us an amazing, innovative deal like this" we hear you say. Well, look no further – you’ve found us! 


In November last year, ShineHub launched our 'Free Access, Fixed Rate' initiative, exclusively to South Australia. It's virtually identical to the Tesla scheme, but it's available right now, and it’s a better deal. So, don't wait 2 years for Elon to give you a free solar and battery system, a home-grown community initiative is ready and waiting for you! 

Love the concept, but lost in the detail? Here’s a quick summary of what Tesla is offering in 2019, compared to what we have available right now:



How it works: Get a free solar system, pay for the power
System: 5kW system + battery
Energy rate: $0.27/kWh
Date available: Available for Public Trust Housing in 2018. Available for regular households in July 2019
Eligibility: Households must submit an application for approval  


How it works: Get a free solar system, pay for the power
System: 5kW system + battery
Energy rate: $0.26/kWh*
Date available: Right now!
Eligibility: Any household in South Australia (and coming soon to other states)
*Adelaide metro base pricing. Price is subject to change based on the requirements of your home or business.

ShineHub is focused on putting power back into the hands of communities through shared renewable energy and supporting local not-for-profits.  We’re also an Australian company which means that your supporting a local Australian business rather than sending your money overseas to the USA.

So basically, if you’re interested in this model you have two options:

Continue paying thousands of dollars each year for grid power while you wait for the Tesla plan to become available and possibly save the day.


Talk to a ShineHub about getting onboard now and seeing instant savings on your bills.  For more details about how it could work on your home, simply book a consultation with one of our experts now!

We look forward to helping you replace dirty and expensive grid power with lower cost solar electricity made right on your rooftop!

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