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Our hardware-free Virtual Power Plant App is now live!

It’s official - we have proven that we can open up universal access to virtual power plants with a free, downloadable app that earns you money every time your battery is used to support the community.

It’s official - we’ve done it! We have proven that expensive hardware is not required for virtual power plants, we can control household batteries straight from the internet - no hardware required! This will open up universal access to virtual power plants with a free, downloadable app that earns you money every time your battery is used to support the community.

This week, we did a live demo of this game-changing new software. Click here to watch the live demo.

Australians are fed up with paying top dollar for dirty, unsustainable coal-fired energy. By creating this new app, we’re flipping the script on Big Energy. With just the click of a download, we can now build virtual power plants all over Australia. This means Big Energy will start paying everyday Aussie households to access clean, sunshine-powered energy produced on their rooftops and stored in their batteries.

So, how does it work and how can you get on board?

Step 1: Generate, store and use energy generated on your own rooftop with solar and battery technology. As a result, instantly reduce your energy bills by up to 90%

Step 2: Connect to ShineHub’s free Virtual Power Plant app once your solar and battery system is installed (note: we are currently in the pilot phase and the app is not yet available for the general public)

Step 3: Allow the grid to draw power from your household battery in peak times and get paid for it!

Virtual power plants are well established across Europe. Not only are they a win for consumers, they also reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Australia needs to catch up to the rest of the world and start building our Community Energy future.

Households that are already fitted with compatible solar and battery technology can connect immediately, for free. All you need to do is download our virtual power plant app and link it up with your system.

Households that currently don’t have solar and battery technology, but are interested in getting on board, can book a time for a free phone consultation.

The more people who join the virtual power plant, the more benefits we can unlock - and a recent announcement by the NSW government suggested they plan on paying $1,000 over 3 years for similar services. Since virtual power plants have become well established in Europe, households are now receiving payments from the grid of around $600 per year.

These are the first steps in a total shake-up of Australia’s energy market. Once we establish virtual power plants across Australia, the next step is community energy sharing. This will allow all Australians to access solar energy sourced from households, businesses and community solar farms, rather than predominately coal-fired power from the grid.

Whilst our politicians squabble about energy policy in the corridors of Canberra and total inaction ensues, we’re taking matters into their own hands. If you want to be one of the pioneers of Australia’s Community Energy future and help us flip the script on Big Energy, get in touch so we can get you started!

About the Author
Alex Georgiou
Alex is a home energy expert with experience across virtually every area of the industry, ranging from energy efficiency and smart home gear to the latest solar and battery technologies. As co-founder of ShineHub, he is responsible for delivering the best digital experience in the industry for customers as well as managing customer-facing communications.
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