Join Us in Building Australia’s Renewable Future

With the cost of energy prices rising, and an increasing reliance on unsustainable fuel sources, Australians all over the country are feeling the effects.

Despite having some of the highest power prices in the world, our politicians are simply ignoring the problem, and wasting time instead of looking for real solutions.

So we’re doing it ourselves.

At ShineHub, we’re creating a community-powered solar solution. By combining cutting-edge technology with the Aussie values of independence, fairness, and mateship, we’re making it easy for communities all around Australia to replace Big Energy with Community Solar, that’s powered by your peers.

Shine on.

The ShineHub Story

ShineHub was started by co-founders Alex Georgiou and Jin Woo Kim as a way to contribute to a renewable future, while at the same time fighting back against Australia’s soaring energy prices.

The answer lay in our most abundant natural resource: light. But it’s not enough to just create energy, we need to be able to store it and use it as needed to enable a transition to 100% renewable energy for all.

With 15 years of combined experience in the energy industry, we wanted to create a platform that leveraged this natural resource, protected customers from the solar cowboys, and make solar more available for everyone.

So we created ShineHub, as a community-focused platform that reduces the complexity, confusion, and financial barriers to accessing solar and battery solutions while supporting local jobs and communities.

We’re creating community-powered solar, and giving you control to protect your cost of living. Together, we’re pioneering a new energy future for Australia.

What Makes Us Different

You get real experience from real people

When you talk with us, you’re talking with real people who understand solar right here in Australia. No overseas call centres, ever. You’re getting a direct link to industry experts, sharing their knowledge with you. We connect you with your local certified solar installer, and manage the process for you to ensure you get a great result.

You’re in control

Our purpose is to deliver straightforward solar solutions that give you the freedom to focus on living. So we’ve made ShineHub as easy to understand as possible. We buy our products in bulk, which reduces costs, so we can pass these savings on to you. We give you straightforward information with flexible payment options that put you in control of your energy future.

We give back to the community

ShineHub isn’t a big corporate entity. Far from it—we’re an independently-owned, community-focused initiative that’s staffed by people passionate about making a difference. We invest a portion of our profits back into the communities that need them, so we can make a change for good.

How We’re Doing Things Right

We created ShineHub as a way to create a better solar solution for Australia, and the industry is starting to take notice.

ShineHub received the Climate Alliance Business Leadership Awards prize for ‘2018 Australian Innovator of the Year’, recognising our innovative and unique virtual power plant software

This is just the beginning. We’re excited to see where our future will take us all.

What Our Community Is Saying

We’re pretty pleased with what we’ve achieved, but it’s our community feedback that really tells us that ShineHub is on the right track.

“At every level the [ShineHub] staff went beyond expectation in their professionalism, blending technical ability, customer care and courtesy in uncommon measures. Accordingly, I recommend Shine Hub without reservation.” – Paul Cockburn, NSW

“We were recommended a smaller system as the simulation they ran showed slightly lower efficiency compared to the 21 panel system we wanted. The 18 panels was to give us a better result which meant less money for ShineHub. I don’t know many companies who would be so transparent! Every person I came across was friendly, knowledgeable and patient.” – Sarah Sims, VIC